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Welcome To The Jann Davis Company

"Your Business Is Our Future"

Within Three Years, American Sport Dance Games Will Replace Studio Dance Competitions…Jann Davis

The Jann Davis Company introduces the FIRST change in student achievement in over 50 years for studio dance. A NEW DESIGN for student achievement based on a youth-sports model, our American Sport Dance Games® offers you the option of event ownership and a new income stream for those who choose to succeed beyond your current expectations.

Jann created the first adjudicated score system in 1976 and many of the rules plagiarized by all studio dance competitions. Join her this dance season, learn how you can be the NEW leader in dance studio design and event offering.



AADI began as a Facebook page in 2009. It quickly grew to over 2000 online members. It is designed to be a membership that focuses on the WHAT, WHY and HOW of teaching dance. We are going old school with ideas for a new century. Our active members are located in the six New England states, New York, New Jersey and Greater Orlando area. Need To Learn More? Use Our CONTACT Page.


You And Your Faculty Understand WHAT To Teach

But Do You Understand The HOW And WHY?

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American Sport Dance Games®

The premiere studio dance alternative achievement events for those who wish to recruit, retain, and reinvigorate their dance studio enrollment by offering these events to school grades bringing new ideas, choreography, and parental approval to their facilities and enrichment programs. All events are owned and operated by members of AADI

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The Jann Davis Company is the leader in the Dance Classroom® for all dance educators. Ms. Davis is a graduate of Harvard University trained as an instructional designer for public education classrooms. As a former Intel Teach to the Future Senior Trainer, she trained public educators throughout the USA to structure their classroom content and create daily lesson plans. Jann designed all her programs on this site for the Jann Davis Company based on her experiences in the dance and educational sectors. 

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Young Ballerinas

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