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The Jann Davis Company offers professional development for dance educators and the Dance Classroom® through the EXPECTATIONS For Dance Curriculum Frameworks®, a skill-based learning system applicable to all dance subject genre. The  and Dance4Kids Convention, a 2-day professional development conference for dance educators focusing on PPK to 2nd Grade, one day educators, one day students K to grade 2. Join us and explore the possibilities beyond learning for a single dance season.

The Jann Davis Company is the leader in the Dance Classroom®© for all dance educators: studios, school dance teams, and after school programs. Ms. Davis is a graduate of Harvard University trained as an instructional designer for public education classrooms. As a former Intel Teach to the Future Senior Trainer, she trained public educators throughout the USA to structure their classroom content and create daily lesson plans. Jann designed all her programs for the Jann Davis Company based on her experiences in the dance and educational sectors.

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JANN DAVIS is a dance education consultant, assisting dance educators, facility owners, and enrichment program directors to organize their dance classrooms, creating benchmarks, lesson plans, assessments, curriculum and classroom management strategies. Ms. Davis. is a former studio owner with three locations in the Boston area and an early private dance competition owner. Jann presents professional development clinics, based on her experience as a Senior trainer for the INTEL TEACH TO THE FUTURE PROGRAM, and studio ownership to dance educators throughout the USA who are searching for a new model, a 21st century approach to dance education at conventions and at private in-house workshops.

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