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Are You Coming To  AADI-FEST?

A Small Dance Studio Conference

July 25-26 Boston MA


Sponsor-Attend A Seminar On A Friday Morning

In March-April 90 Minute Session

44-Week Dance Studio Success Plan

90-Minute Seminar




One-Year AADI Individual Membership

AADI-Fest Conference As A Member

LIVE Pop-Up Spring Seminar

​Jann Davis University is a global leader in studio dance education, with a focus on the Dance Classroom®. Jann's extensive influence in the dance realm includes trailblazing in competitions, creating the first adjudicated scoring system, and innovating a new format for dance student achievement events. Inspired by youth and public education sports, this format employs a rubric-based scoring system for objective assessment of dance routines. Jann's overarching goal is to support dance educators by providing tools for benchmarks, lesson plans, assessments, curricula, and effective classroom management techniques.


Jann's unique approaches are grounded in her dual background as a dance educator and public educator. She offers a fresh perspective for those aspiring to succeed in dance studio ownership. Her offerings include certifications for dance educators, professional development seminars, dance teacher training, and personalized coaching for private dance studio businesses. If you have questions, feel free to contact Jann using our CONTACT FORM.


Jann created the term Dance Classroom® to assist studios and faculty members in focusing on the content of their weekly classes. Ms. Davis, a former studio owner with three locations in the Greater Boston area, presents professional development seminars, based on her experience as a Senior Trainer for the INTEL TEACH TO THE FUTURE PROGRAM, and dance studio ownership to dance educators throughout the USA who are searching for a new model, a 21st century approach to dance education at conventions and at private in-house workshops. After working as a public educator, she felt there is a need to present dance as a sport with ONE dance subject where dancers compete as a team. Visit our EVENT page for further info.

Jann's Complete Bio Is HERE.  CLICK HERE to view the rules for Jann's AMERICAN DANCE INVITATIONAL a studio dance competition from 1978 to 2006. Attend a seminar

Young Ballerinas

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 Office Hours: M-F 9:00 am-4:00 pm EST

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