Dance Studios Are An Educational Business...Jann Davis

Presenting Our Programs For 2021  

Professional Development For Studio Dance Education Subscription 

EXPECTATIONS For Dance® Student Assessment Seminars

SKILLS Sport-Dance Games® Assessment & Achievements For Studio Dance​

Dance Studio By Design® Hybrid Dance Studio Ownership

Choreography By Design® Dance Performance Showcases

JazzWorks® Curriculum By Design For Students

Petite Pirouette® Introduction To Dance For Students PK

DanceFest America® Showcase Performance Events

Dances Against Hunger® Foundation


All programs are open to private studio educators/owners scholastic dance team coaches

and after school enrichment program directors

All classes focus on the studio dance classroom best practices in person and virtual . 

SubscriptionSessions include brainstorming techniques, modifialble templates/handouts, and unit plan design models. Teachers know what to teach, these classes teach HOW TO TEACH the principles of teaching dance.

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Phone: 781-742-3173   

 Office Hours: TU-W-TH-F 11:00 am-3:00 pm EST

 SA 8:30 am-2:00 pm

5% Of All Proceeds Of Our Sales Are Donated To Local Charities

In The Form Of Grocery Gift Cards For Vulnerable Food Anxiety Communities

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