New Membership Enrollment Is Opens August 1, 2021

Membership Is Included In ALL Retreat Tour Attendee Fees

 A dance educator mentoring and networking program that promotes positivity and camaraderie. Membership is open to all dance educators, studio, scholastic and after school specialists.


Our Mission

To assist in a member’s growth personally and professionally, improve dance classroom education by providing curricula and lesson plan models and develop a network of like-minded professional dance educators.


 Membership Eligibility

 Membership is granted to actively engaged dance educators in private, scholastic, and enrichment programs.

We believe “dance is for everyone”.

“In the past, we have been a part of many different types of business seminars, studio dance conventions, and business consultants. When we called Jann recently, we felt like we finally found the studio business model we were searching for. Her experience, dance studio ownership and educational background convinced us that her new model is the best direction for our well-established studio.”...Studio 5-6-7-8, FL

D.S.U is designed for all dance educators who are seeking to be outstanding in the dance classroom while pursuing successful entrepreneurship. Membership gives our members helpful resources, exclusive discounts and a global network of positive and supportive like-minded individuals.

Our dance classroom model is modeled after the famed Intel Teach to the Future program for public educators creating a “backwards by design” approach to the dance classroom for private studios, scholastic dance team models and enrichment programs.

Jann Davis created the EXPECTATIONS For Dance® Curriculum Frameworks. Expectations is an achievement, adjudication, and assessment tool for the global studio dance classroom.

How Do I Become A Member Of D.S.U?

A membership application for D.S.U can be completed below. 


What Are The Terms Of Membership? 

A membership in D.S.U is a one-year commitment, renewed annually on the date you joined. Each year you are a member in good standing, your school will receive a confirmation certificate stating that you are an D.S.U. member in good standing with all applicable privileges.

What Are the Membership Benefits?

  • Dance Studio By Design® Studio Dance Model

  • DSBD Branding And Taglines

  • DSBD/AADITEACH/DSU Logos On YOUR Studio Site

  • One 30-Minute Coaching Call With Jann Davis Yearly

  • Weekly E-Newsletter


Membership Payment

Upon receipt of your membership form you will receive an invoice payable within 24 hours approving your yearly membership subscription of $149.00 with directions to pay us on our site in our SHOP.



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