Each year dance educators pay thousands of dollars for new “certifications”, ideas, and professional development. Emails are sent daily to studio owners; many programs are just a repackaging of another’s concepts (dance competition companies’ plagiarism of rules and scores is a good example). The Jann Davis Company is creating new models for dance education. Future plans include members of the American Association of Dance Instructors becoming leaders in their states. Below are listed the benefits of our $299 PROMISE.

The EXPECTATIONS For Dance Curriculum Frameworks® is created for ALL dance educators, studio owners, after-school program directors and dance team coaches middle/high school. The ONE fee of $299 is an all inclusive yearly fee for all of our programs, no additional fees are charged, whether one chooses to be part of a COLLECTIVE TEAM for the SKILLS Sport Dance Games® or not. The benefits are designed to assist all dance educators. 

The EXPECTATIONS For Dance Curriculum Frameworks® yearly $299.00 fee includes the following:

  • AADI Yearly Membership For Individuals


  • Dance Studio By Design® Dance Studio Model

  • Discounts From Our Preferred Partners

  • Domain Dance Curriculum Modifications

  • Premier Access To All Our Programs

  • SKILLS Sport Dance Games® Partial Ownership

  • SKILLS Sport Dance Games® VIRTUAL OWNERSHIP Seminars

  • Weekly Dance Studio Tips, Trends And Tricks E-Newsletter


Why pay more, when one price can assist you with ALL your dance studio needs?