Your lesson plan for Fancy Nancy is fantastic I am excited to learn more good stuff from you thank you so much! I have struggled getting organized to do my lesson plans and curriculum now I am excited


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Petite Pirouette Dance

EXPECTATIONS For Dance™ Teacher Training Course  

Teaching Grades PK- 3 Studio Dance“The Basics”

EXPECTATIONS For Dance ™ Teacher Training Seminars

Month Of February Discount 2.1-2.29

$199 Per Attendee

15 Attendees Needed To Schedule A Seminar



Our dance classroom model is patterned after the famed Intel Teach to the Future Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation program for public educators creating a “backwards by design” approach to the dance classroom for private studios, scholastic dance team models and enrichment programs.


The EXPECTATIONS For Dance Education is an achievement, adjudication, and assessment tool for the global dance classroom. SKILLS Sport-Dance Games are the Un-Competition whose focus is on learning not winning. This seminar focuses on students grades PK-2 and up on the recreational-community-enrichment level who study up to 3 hours weekly. The seminar assist in creating programs that end in a Mini-Vent or recital one-hour in length based on a children's picture book series or fairy tale.

Attendees In Both Courses Learn How To

Create Curriculum For All Facility Classes With Year-Long Lesson Plans

Design Dance Skill Levels Based On Four Domains Of Dance: Turns, Jumps, Flexibility Training And Presentation

Initiate EXPECTATIONS For Dance™ Year-Round Enrollment Programs

Mentor Faculty For Consistent Facility-Program Instruction

Modify the EXPECTATIONS For Dance™ Rubrics

Understand Montage Choreography™ For Showcase Or Competition

Become A Certified EXPECTATIONS For Dance™ Instructor-Adjudicator

Attendee Benefits 

SKILLS Sport-Dance Games™ Regional Director*

Dancers Against Hunger™ Event Affiliation

Dance Unity Project™ DTTDT Selling Online

Licensed Use Of Our Logos

SKILLS Sport-Dance Adjudicator Certifications

Dance Studio Union™ Dance Educator Membership

*Compensated Position

Module I 

EXPECTATIONS For Dance™ Elements Grades K-1-2

EXPECTATIONS For Dance™ Elements Grades 3-4-5*


EXPECTATIONS Teacher Training Seminars

EXPECTATIONS For Dance™ Teacher Training Seminars use a “hands on” procedure to promote a creative atmosphere, peer collaboration, and congeniality amongst attendees for the studio dance industry. Attendees interact with the presenter and each other throughout the day in small groups and at an end of the day review choreography session presentation created by attendees. Attendees may actively participate or observe classes.


Fee includes 12 hours of instruction, in-person seminar and online via two yearly webinars, EXPECTATIONS For Dance™ certification, Dance Studio Union one-year membership and online monthly updates. Light refreshments and lunch are provided. If there are dietary restrictions please contact us two weeks before seminar date.  Please Call: 781-742-3173

Attendee Fee-$249.00 Per Attendee

Minimum Of 15 Attendees Maximun 35 Attendees

Private Clinics (One Studio Only) Pricing Available CALL

Discounts Begin At 2 Attendees


Subject To Change 

8:00 AM Check-In 

Morning Refreshments

8:30 AM - 11:30 AM Discussion Session

Topic Discussions

EXPECTATIONS For Dance™ Backwards Design

Four Domains Of Dance: Turns, Jumps, Flexibility Training And Presentation

EXPECTATIONS For Dance™ Elements Grades P-K-1-2

Mentor Faculty For Consistent Facility-Program Instruction

Modify the EXPECTATIONS For Dance™ Rubrics To Align With Facility’s Curriculum

Theme Versus Storyline Performances

Understand The Color And Shape Of Choreography™ For Mini-Vents™

Complimentary Working Lunch

11:30 AM To 12:30 PM

Questions And Answers

12:30 PM - 3:30 PM Collaborative Dance Sessions

Collaborative Dance Sessions

Working in small groups of 3-5 attendees and using the Spotify playlist from Polar Express Movie, teams create the beginning of 10-routines for Grades K-1, 2-3, 4-5 for a holiday performance based on Polar Express.

3:30 PM- 5:00 PM Team Choreography Presentations

It's A Wrap Final Q&A

This Seminar Teaches Attendees How To Sell Directly To Their Customers Via Amazon

There Are Multiple Companies To Choose From On Amazon

This Is A Sample Of Items ONLY


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