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Updated: Jun 4

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Introducing AADI Membership

The Jann Davis Company is taking a new direction for all dance educators, AADI, the American Association of Dance Instructors®.

AADI uses a concept developed by public educators in the early days of technology, teachers teaching teachers, with a twist. You no longer must rely on a vendor to present dance classroom materials to purchase unit or lesson plans, best practices for teaching turns, jumps, performance technique videos and even coloring pages (we have a new early childhood program with a contest). Our design is YOU upload to our site and you sell directly to each other (no costuming though).

It is a new resource and revenue for all who teach dance. Our hope is to discover new talent as instructors, experienced dance educators, and best practices for dance education. All attendees who purchase the EXPECTATIONS For Dance Curriculum Frameworks® educational site license become members of AADI, the American Association of Dance Instructors®

Membership Includes:

  • One On One Mentoring

  • Dance Classroom Curriculum And Lesson Plans

  • Classroom Management Tips, Trends, And Tricks

And more


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