An Invitation To Create A 2022 NEW Dance Studio Model OpEd

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An Invitation To Create A NEW 2022 Dance Studio Model OpEd

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Like many of you, I read posts on Facebook and other social media studio dance groups. The most recent posts are of course about costumes, the stresses of no delivery of modified costume delivery dates. It can’t be helped this season, but I am sure there will be changes made before these companies ask for you to trust them with your future purchases.

The second biggest issue appears to be about competitions. One teacher ranted recently about her treatment at a competition. I am not sure what the exact problem was, but the comments ranged from not competing anymore (I bought a book about stepping away once) to the costs for parents and children to attend, to recommendations on which comps to attend next season. The more I read the posts in groups I realized maybe it is time for us to take a step back and reevaluate what it is we do as studio owners and dance educators.

I have written before about owning a studio with three locations in the Greater Boston area until 1991 when a spinal cord accident changed the direction of my adult earning years and I transitioned into public education. My perspective changed when I had to be certified in four fields, write a resume, and be hired to teach grade 10 American Literature. As a public educator I was required to attend professional development courses during the school year, maintain my certifications by attending college courses during summer vacation that related to my certifications, and organize a well-run classroom maintaining interest and discipline while keeping on task to a specific framework for the classes I taught with varying levels of student competency.

Today I decided to write a series of blog posts a podcast and offer on demand classes that present a different direction for dance studio ownership, defining what it is we really do and how we can improve our own bottom financial line by decreasing the need for vendor offerings.

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