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Updated: Mar 13

Yes, I Have An Internet Troll, Addressing The Elephant In The Room



I know you may not want to go to a link from a website, so I decided to post what is on another website I own. You can decide for yourselves what direction you should take. This gentleman began harassing me when he was 13 years old. He is now age 61, you do the math. He boasts many things what many do not know is he has a very dark side. He has been trolling me (lying about me) since he was 13. He charges others $1100 yearly for being his insiders. He has 290 Members, there are over 150,000 programs in the USA and Canada.

Below is listed what his IDEA members sent to me via Facebook pages I have, This woman tries to imply that a well-respected police detective aided, agreed and abetted them. He didn't. Rhee's method is to ask one woman to contact me or ask to join a group I have formed on social media. Lately he has been posting as a porn bot on my stories on Instagram that relate to individuals who are what he is NOT, excellent Master teachers or my new programs. I was advised by Meta to report them. He was a DMA Mr. Dance because he entered himself, his mother refused to. Now DMA and UDMA have shunned him. Read his letter to me below, he knew I never sent his mother cards, I had no idea what her address was. I was teaching on Cape Cod, hired as a technology integration educational specialist. One educational psychologist has labeled him a malignant sociopathic narcissist.

At age 74 I decided to speak out again and offer programs NO ONE has. A new model that will keep your PK-3rd grade enrollments up, sustainable, profitable and keep the intermediate through high school students enrolled.

Girls and young women do not want to be in costumes as much as they previously did. Parents do not want to pay excessive fees for a recital where there child is only on stage for 3 to 5 minutes. Studio dance needs a new model, for ownership, operation, and organizational profit. You CAN afford under $30 monthly for a new direction. In 1977, when I introduced the adjudicated model of dance competition scoring, Rhee's mother stated "oh I'd like to see you try that one". Well I did, but is has flaws now overtime. why are gymnastic and cheer programs thriving after COVID and many dance studios closed? Sports are the direction parents want.

Rhee's Letter To Me That Began Discrediting Me

Read my bio, unlike Rhee and his siblings I have a degree from Harvard University, he is a high school dropout, 10th grade, Randolph High School, Randolph MA

From: <>

Date: Wed, Dec 14, 2011 at 8:47 AM

Subject: Re: your series


Almost twenty years ago, while my mother was going through chemotherapy and radiation, I was at her house where I found an unopened card from you on her end table. When I asked her about it, she told me to go to a box in her closet where I discovered numerous card and letters that you had written her for more than 20 years. Many of them she had never opened.

When I asked if she had ever responded to you, she said, “Never!” And she went on to tell me that she thought you were crazy because each time she had received something from you, it was either praising her or ripping her to shreds. It just depended on the mood that you were in at the time.

She told me that after she was gone, she was sure Rennie and I would be the ones to receive your wrath because she believed that you are obsessed with our family. You have lived up to her expectations almost verbatim. She also told me that I should never respond to you. Today I am making an exception because you need to know that she knew you were crazy and you continue to prove that to me, each time you send an email.

What is funny about this is that I have not spoken to you since I was a teenager and today I am 50. Your obsession has lasted almost my entire life. It’s obviously not going to stop, but at least you know that each time you send something to Rennie or me that you are living up to my mother’s prophecy and continue to reiterate her beliefs. If you had focused on yourself and your own success over all these decades, you might have had some sort of achievement in your own life.

I will never respond to you again . . .

Rhee J. Gold

Publisher, Dance Studio Life magazine



I do not know the individuals whose names are listed publicly in their messages to me, I have never met them nor any of the individuals continuing their nonsense on the Facebook page listed below. They are internet #trolls. I met Rhee Gold as a little boy in his mother's dance studio. Betsy Freshman is a former dance student.

Listed blow are three posts from my now unpublished DANCE STUDIO BY DESIGN FACEBOOK PAGE. These are examples of other posts on a now defunct website called, which however is an active Facebook page that I am blocked from visiting, It is assumed that similar posts were sent to Lt. Detective John Ruane by Rhee Gold and Betsy Freshman to be used to bring me into the Town of Canton Police Headquarters on January 21, 2014, violating my civil rights by making false accusations to me based on their lies, an example of police entrapment. I have filed a complaint with the Department of Justice and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for violating my civil rights and sending me

FYI as indicated this woman and the others I notified CPD of, call locations and make false accusations about me and therefore I was not able hold events as hotels I contacted would cancel the contract regardless if I had given them a deposit or not. Yes I kept careful records. I intend when I sign contracts for the upcoming ELEVATE Dance Conference June 22-23 to give the person I work at a location with a copy of what is posted here, a copy of my complaint to the Town of Canton Police Department dated October 5, 2013, signed by an Officer Robert Zepf, and some of the images contained below to verify their involvement in my harassments and their lies.

The harassment began again with Rhee's typical form of communication, using another to contact me, this time via an email on January 19, 2023 email entitled REQUEST TO TALK. Instead of falling for the ploy I emailed back with information I had gathered on Rhee and his multiple issues, including these messages. It is assumed Rhee no longer actively harasses me via Google. Many who have no knowledge of him, are coming to my new events held at dance studios, none are advertised, they are private in studio events. The events offer an alternative to studio dance competitions, a simple easy mode, a new design and a new score system, an event that threatens the current industry standard which is over-saturated. My events offer teachers a chance for an additional income as they OWN the events. It is predicted that within 3 years SKILLS Sport Dance Games® and Dance4Kids® Brand events will replace all the current forms of dance competitions and dance educator conventions.

Rhee is banned from organizing dance competitions due to his antics at his last American Dance Awards Boston National circa 2003. It is rumored Mr. Gold defaulted on paying the event locations, over $300,000. He was bought out by the current owner, a former member of DMA #18, it appears Dance Masters of America and UDMA have cut all ties with Rhee Gold .

Upon review of my Facebook data, there are many more examples of these messages, many implying/inferring that Lt. Detective John Ruane Retired of the Canton MA Police Department, colluded with these individuals.


Suzanne Perdue

I assume the letter forwarded to me (wrong address, wrong spelling of my name) is a duplicate of one sent to Betsy who was told by the police