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Updated: Sep 23

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A Note From Jann

Best wishes for a successful fall registration, here are a few updates from me.

As many know I successfully transitioned from owning a dance studio with three locations in the Greater Boston area to teaching in public schools on Cape Cod, ending my career as a technology integration specialist. I was certified on a professional level in four areas by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Certification for me as a public educator was based on attending professional development courses during the school year and summers and being observed by school administrators three times a year, and then self-evaluating my teaching and of course by students with the yearly MCAS exam for my grade 10 students. That is why I prefer to call my programs educational site licenses and credentialing for adjudication/instruction.

As I progress forward in my return from retirement, I decided to focus on the Dance Classroom®, offering methods and materials to teach dance and many of its multiple genres. I understand the vendors who are competing for your time and money, I am too but I am going in another direction. Truthfully, if you don’t have good recitals and showcases in your area, your returning students are going to be limited. One must understand what your business design is, and who you are competing with for children to attend your business with other offerings in after school programs. Competitions are not always going to bring returning students, too many unforeseen variables.

With that said, I am changing the way I post on my social media pages, and I am using what other public educators do in this new entrepreneurial educational world. I am offering FREE downloads, and Dance Classroom® material at an affordable price, and an educational site license based on my experiences teaching for the Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation under a grant.

Today’s COMPLIMENTARY download was an addendum for my now out of print book THE DANCE TEACHER’S NOTEBOOK®. It contains teacher evaluations, lesson and choreography templates, and a parental form to assist you with returning students this season.

Monthly lesson and event plans for the PP-K grades are offered as one-time downloads or as a yearly subscription. All I ask is that you remember I am a retired teacher, I have no need to create elaborate expensive offerings that you will use once and discard. I didn’t need that teaching American Literature or Media Literacy to grades 10-12, and I know you do not need them to teach in your classrooms. I ask you to share me with others and ask them to purchase too!

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