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Can You Explain What SKILLS Is Again?

Sure, I created SKILLS as I watched junior and varsity basketball games as a public educator. I had transitioned from studio owner to teacher. I became the dance team coach. I attended the cheer competitions to support my students. It was a simple approach to an after-school activity that involved students, parents, colleague-coaches, and the community at large.

Private dance competitions, patterned after dance teacher organizations title and performing arts events, began in the 70’s. In 50 years, it has expanded, offering teachers multiple options. I watch events online, as I am sure you do. I have gone to those in the Boston area in person on some weekends. They are HUGE money makers for the organizers, but are they really a competition or are they dance studio showcases? The talent is wonderful, the companies advertise to advanced students, their parents, teachers and choreographers. I applaud studios who earn an income preparing students for these events. I am not trying to change how you earn an income. When I owned a studio, I did the same thing, I had first-runner-up to DMA’S Miss Dance America, and the state winner for Massachusetts Junior Miss. As a public educator, I realized sports was very important in school. In my heart I will always be the owner of the Jann Davis Dance Center.

As a public educator, I am offering a way to enhance your dance studio’s day to day operations with the EXPECTATIONS For Dance Curriculum Frameworks® educational site license, which SKILLS Sport Dance Games® is part of. My concept is that of school sports, a three-season dance student with camp for training in the summer months. EXPECTATIONS is a curriculum based on ballet technique and jazz skills, all leveled for school grades, with a rubric-based assessment system which becomes routines to compete with. Students are placed on teams within your facilities according to their educational school grades.

SKILLS allows dance teams only, no solos, titles, duo-trios or teams under 8-members. Each team dances twice, a compulsory routine taught by an educational licensee, and creative using the curriculum for the level they entered, it cannot be above what they entered, nor should the students demonstrate a capability above their entered level. There are six levels, each one becoming more advance than the previous one. We are trying to negate cheating to win. Costuming is your dance team required uniform, fixed entry fee is $60 per team member. There are four dance meets per day, each dance meet session has five teams competing for a 90-minute session. The entering studios are part of a COLLABORATIVE TEAM. Each COLLABORATIVE TEAM may hold a dance meet per dance year, this will obviously change as SKILLS slowly replaces the current form of studio dance competitions. If I forgot to mention it, the profits from dance meets belongs to the licensees, not the Jann Davis Company. Entry fees are only part of how profits can be made for each meet. Judges are selected from a pool of licensees who are available on the dates offered. Judges will be trained to adjudicate, choreograph, and teach at events.

A host studio becomes a regional director, again for profit. All this is explained a seminars, which I am now booking beginning June 12th to November 13th. Summer seminars are held during weekday and weekends, fall seminars are held on weekends. After seminars, there are monthly virtual meetings to continue to guide you. There is a coaches’ handbook which you can follow. Because we want seminar attendees to be part of the process, seminar attendees can choose what the rewards are for teams, we think placements one to five but what should be given to students and teaches are to be discussed as are overalls per meet. The score system is NEW and based on the assessment rubric used in your domain dance classes. This program is all about helping you improve your bottom line year-round.

I added a new incentive today. A studio owner and four faculty members can attend a seminar for $800 which include the educational site license. We are looking for studios to host across the United States, and we are adding incentives for hosts. Want more info? Call me M-Th from 3:00 PM to 6:PM at 781-742-3173.


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