Why are parents reluctant to come back to dance?

Updated: Mar 31

I closed the Jann Davis Dance Center in 1991 and transitioned into public education, recently I began receiving phone calls from studio dance vendors: competitions, theme park tours, summer conventions, and costume companies. I know I am on the end of their call direct lists. So, I began to wonder, what’s going on?

The pandemic has caused too many business closures that need to operate face to face. Unfortunately, dance studios are on that list. A simple internet search of “dance studio closing”, shows hundreds of pages filled with online newspapers and local television stations reporting studios are closing permanently due to COVID. Attendance is at 40% of previous levels in many schools, but as a studio owner you already know that.

If you are one of those who is reading this that has closed or is thinking of closing at the end of the year, I thank you for reading my emails. I wish I could tell you not to close, that is a personal decision. I wish I could tell you that the pandemic is going to end by vaccinating the population. I’m not sure herd immunity will happen, that the government is telling the truth not for profit, or when parents will feel safe enough to send their child back to your studios.

I suggest you continue to monitor the decisions made by your local school districts. I am on Zoom educational discussion meetings, there are plans but they change daily. No one knows when the crisis will end. For those of you not closing, I am designing affordable programs. This week I’ll post a future one-year schedule design based on national education’s model for 2021-2022. I am willing to help others modify for next year’s dance studio season now and base a fall registration on it.

I’ll keep sending an email once a week with ideas I see in educational settings that maybe of value to you.

God Speed everyone, keep moving forward,

Need more information and direction on how to plan for the future in our COVID world?

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