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Help I Need More Money, Girl Yes You Do!!!

First Posted In January 2019

Posted on a social media teacher discussion board, read my response

What are creative ways your studio brings in an extra income for studio owners. With prices to run a business increasing, I’m trying to find more creative ways to fill the financial gap other than just raising my prices. I guess what I’m asking, is what types of things/services/fundraising can be done other than just teaching classes & selling shirts, t-dance shoes, etc.... to add to your income.

The responses to this post on the group page were the ones seen on many dance studio websites: birthday parties, hiring outside master teachers (this actually not new for me, I did this in the 70’s), offering classes and critiques for high school dance teams, consolidating down or making the class structure different, offer themed vacation and summer camps, or sell dancewear and t-shirts. The list contained is what many studios are currently offering. How about a list of “WHATIFS” instead?

WHATIF instead of paying to go to dance competitions and outside workshops available to only a few of your students you created your own Un-Convention at your studio, where your students could learn, create a buzz about what is going on, and keep your enrollment growing year-round?

(Many now do this since 2019)

WHATIF instead of selling dance wear in your studio buying stock from a vendor you could sell it directly from Amazon? This is covered HOW in a Pop-Up Seminar

WHATIF instead of consolidating your classes “down”, you created a workable schedule, “sold” class hours instead of hiring new teachers, and made a profit?

WHATIF there were a weekly LIVE STREAMED dance teacher’s class that could teach you those PK-Grade 2 routines for short mini-recitals for profit instead of a membership fee that cost thousands?

WHATIF there was an alternative to dance competitions, an Un-Competition, less expensive in time spent attending, performance based on a certain skill set, and costumed only with affordable team wear?

WHATIF instead of buying “new products” from a vendor to give out as a reward system, you made your own and ordered directly online to give out to your students with positive parental feedback?

WHATIF there were an affordable educator-studio owner membership that taught you how to do all of this that you could make an additional profit from, which paid for that yearly membership and more?

Well, if you are here and you are reading this welcome to the Jann Davis Company’s Dance Studio By Design, the DIY Network for dance educators! Design your studio for 2022-2023 enrollment and profit! We are an affordable DIY vendor, designed for millennial parent approval and technology aware dance educators, because you can’t be everywhere but digitally you can be somewhere, HERE!

Questions? Text 781-742-3173 Monday to Thursday from 10:00AM to 3:00 PM EST.


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