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Thank you to my followers who have asked why I am not blogging and podcasting as much as I did last year. Two reasons, one is personal, the other is creative. First the personal, last December I fell inside and outside of a local grocery store, hitting my head twice and causing a minor concussion. On my way to the ER, I suffered a tiny stroke. At age 73 it has taken awhile to get my juju up and running again. Daily I persevere, and finally around Halloween I began to feel normal again. Well almost, I now have a slight limp. So, this is a plea for kindness, when you see the videos of me demonstrating JazzWorks™/TapWorks™ for students’ kindergarten to 3rd grade, remember that I told you this.

Secondly creative, I am enjoying watching so many on TikTok and Instagram, I decided to wait and watch. After all I am a true believer in not re-inventing the wheel. Officially I have now been teaching dance in some form for 55 years! Dance is the one true passion of my life. However, I decided to create a dance curriculum for Preschool 1&2, I call Petite Pirouette™ and for Kindergarten to 3rd grade I call JazzWorks™ and TapWorks™ prequels to the Domain Dance™ levels used for the SKILLS Sport Dance Games™ Dance Meets™.

Vendors offer what they think we need, based on their profitability. Our studios tell parents to join by October 1 so we can order recital costumes for a performance in May-June. Do preschoolers really need ballet slippers, tap shoes, the right "uniform" color, to come to class 2-3 hours monthly? Maybe not, we need to change our business design to remain relevant I think moving forward.

Beginning in the middle of February begins the annual dance competition season, each competition vendor offering a plagiarized copy of another. The problem with the studio dance competitions, as I see it, they revolve primarily around the advanced student, which is lovely, but a little out of date. Too many solos and titles, and duo-trios. Once students enter grades 4-12 in the US, the structure of learning changes. Schools have become before and after school care grades K-8. Parents work, there are new blended families, and children are in programs, sometimes run by the local YMCA or as stipends by a school district to offer programs which keep children actively engaged until a 5:00 PM parent/caregiver pick up time.

The formula for a dance studio based on a school year calendar is slowly disappearing. Schools offer sports, the gyms are available in schools, classrooms are converted for after school programs for musical theater. Private dance studio classes are becoming underfilled, dependent upon where one lives, until students can attend class after 5:00 PM. Private dance studios may become obsolete, unless we prepare to design retention based not only on WHAT we teach, but the WHY and HOW too.

Many current dance educator seminars and workshops offer courses on financial freedom, bottom line profits and leadership, very little on breaking down weekly lesson plans that focus on exactly WHAT to teach with a predesigned ending outcome. My curriculum talks about “time on learning”, or how much can a dance educator accomplish in 6-8 weeks? Parents are product driven, our bread and butter of the business is the preschool to 3rd grade dancer. Costumes for a recital are becoming too costly, costumes and entry fees for studio dance competitions, adding in travel expenses, may be putting us out of business. Let's start focusing on what our real needs are, dance classroom retention, and let the vendors modify their product to meet our needs.

This week on my website and in social media posts, I am talking about 6-week curricula options with an event incorporated into these sessions. One can use them as a stand alone pop-up session for recruitment, or as part of a transition into the 44-Week Dance Studio. Like others there are fees for the predesigned thematic curricula, but you can choose how to bundle what you wish to purchase.

The first one I call ELF PREP DANCE ACADEMY™; a curricula one can use based on a sound design used by public educators in their daily classrooms across the USA. Check out our Dance-N-Learn web page for a complete listing of what is included in this unit. Finally, you can answer a parent/caregiver question, what will my child learn?


The products are for one business/dance studio. By purchasing a Dance-N-Learn® plans or any of our products, you agree not to share your files with any other dance studios or programs that you do not run. We thank you for your purchase, and ask that you comply with our request.

The Complete 44-Week Dance Studio® Workbook Will Be Available December 25, 2022

over 200 pages perfect for all dance educators.

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