How To You Bundle Your Fees

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What Should It Include?

Winter registration season is upon us again, many dance studio websites and social media accounts, are stating the same “shout-out” NOW ENROLLING. Here’s a whatif, what if you could create a new model for your studio? Would you consider replacing a school year program, with a two semester, four term concept divided into four quarters (3-months at a time)? Could you bundle all your fees offering a tuition for one price that includes all at the beginning of a semester, and have a rolling registration model? The possibilities are endless! Join us, and discover and create a new direction that will increase enrollment, stabilize your bottom line, and make GenX-Millennial moms happy! You are in charge of your success, start today, win tomorrow!

What Should I Bundle Yearly?

  • Registration-Membership Fee (Individual or Family)

  • Tuition (Monthly, Term, Semester)

  • One Costume (include accessories, props, tights)

  • Participation Medal/Trophy/Gift

  • Finale T-Shirt

  • 4 Tickets (Reserved Seating Incentives)

What Should I Bundle Recital Fee Only?

  • Costume (include tights, props)

  • Additional Costumes

  • Participation Medal

  • Finale T-Shirt

  • 5 Plus Tickets (Reserved Seating)

Many may state they already are doing this. It is possible, the post first appeared in 2010 on my Blogger page the DIGITAL DANCE STUDIO. What is different is that the dance studio business is now regulated more by the vendors than it was when I was teaching. Now vendors control organizing your recital tickets, monthly-session payments, costumes, t-shirts, flowers at recitals, all at a cost to you which you then pass on to your parents and students. Parents consider dance lessons as being cost prohibitive. Possibly keeping your business from growing.

If you are looking for a different approach to keeping your business solvent? Host or Attend an EXPECTATIONS FOR DANCE CURRICULUM FRAMEWORKS seminar this season. I have a different plan, I call the 44-Week Dance Studio, which begins your dance studio year in January.

Looking to become a leader in dance education? Contact me text 781-742-3173 or email, ask how you with four other studio owners and faculty or up to 20 dance educators can host a seminar. As a host you become a regional director for SKILLS, and are offered many other incentives to succeed in your state.


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