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What are Frameworks? Should your studio have 8-10 weeks of instructional tools outlining what is going to be taught in each class that is offered at a dance studio? What are lesson plans? Should all teachers for all dance subject genre use them? How as a studio owner do you evaluate your teachers? Should each teacher have a folder with optional lesson plans in case of teacher absence? How do you answer when parents ask “what will my child learn this year”? How do you keep your facility’s classes (private, after school, mobile) fun, educational, and enrollable year-round not just in the fall or for the end of the year performance? Is there an alternative to attending dance competitions?

How is dance education going to sustain itself? Who are the competitors for your clients’ private dance facilities, school age children? What is before and after school care? Should you own a mobile program or rent space, buy an industrial condo? Are small in-home studios coming back? Do you and your faculty understand WHAT to teach and the HOW and WHY?

This once in a lifetime book and form workbook, approaches dance education from the perspective of Jann Davis a renowned dance and public educator, owner of three locations in the Greater Boston area who as a public educator, certified in four fields on the professional level PK-12 via the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, was chosen out of 30,000 public educators to be one of 75 for a scholarship to attend Harvard University at the Kennedy School of Government for instructional classroom design. Jann illustrates that the current over-used model of following a yearly school calendar is out of date moving into 2023 and beyond. This book is part of her plan for a 44-Week Dance Studio® in the USA and globally.

The Complete 44-Week Dance Studio® Workbook Will Be Available December 15, 2022

over 200 pages perfect for all dance studio owners

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