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Thursday, April 28, 2022

Episode one I introduced who I am and a little bit about SKILLS what I consider to be another method for studio dance achievement. As stated, this is NOT like the current format where a new competition is announced, one puts it on their studio calendar, and anyone can enter. If you read the social media discussion boards this time of year there many competition complaints from days starting on Thursday ending late Sunday, comps cancelling last minute, judges’ critiques, travel expenses, and the list goes on. I entered the very first Boston competition in 1973. It began at 8:00 am and ended at 11:30 pm there were 35 entries. Many of the rules I assisted in developing in 1977, companies are still using. I am here today to assure you SKILLS is NOT that design. The USA is very large, one design fits all is no longer a viable way to approach achievement in your studios.

I designed SKILLS after I transitioned into public education. I became the dance team coach to a small school on Cape Cod, traveled as a support to the cheer competitions. What was the difference? The events were all team based, no solos, duo-trios, groups, classes, lines or productions. A simple approach to feeling great about an after-school activity. I attend the basketball games with my team, one season, December to March. It was simple, the team played a game against an opponent, we danced, the cheerleaders cheered, parents, siblings and grandparents came to the game, all went home happy. An approach I used to create SKILLS.

Studio dance competitions have become an overwhelming financial obligation parents may no longer wish to afford. Do they have to be? Nope, with SKILLS there is a two-part routine, one compulsory based on what is taught on your curriculum for your classes, one creative where student routines use compulsory skills for their school grade level. Entry fee is $60 per student for both parts. Costuming is for the first season your team’s required studio uniform.

How Do We Compete?

We call each session of SKILLS a Dance Meet®. Each meet is 90 minutes in length, there are five teams in each meet, all competing with the same routine for compulsories and with a different routine for the creative session. There are a specific number of students on each team, each team is in a specific school grade. No age averaging necessary, team members may be all in the same school grade or multiple school grades in the Same Division ONLY. Example a middle school team, school grades 5 to 8 may have members in grades 5-8 or grade 5-6 or 7-8. Students are placed on teams based on which skills they have achieved in their SKILLS dance class included on each classroom rubric which transfers to the score rubric system. A meet may include all ages on one day per the skill level achieved. SKILLS is designed so studios may enroll throughout the year for all age students. Each meet is 90 minutes in length.

Who Do We Compete With?

SKILLS is part of the EXPECTATIONS For Dance Curriculum Frameworks. If you read the boards, everyone is shouting about who has a curriculum for specific dance subject genre. We call the curriculum used in our events DANCE DOMAIN or those skills found in all dance subject genre, tap is the only exclusion. Individuals purchase a site license, with four other like-minded studios in what we call a COLLABORATIVE TEAM. You would then compete with four studios you trust to comply and follow the rules. Site license is $299 per individual on the team. I deliberately made it affordable so studios could experiment holding meets.

What Are The Facility Studio Divisions?

Again many teachers complain they are over-looked by the competitions they enter. I developed what I call FACILITY-STUDIO DIVISIONS, based on the SIZE of your studios, similar to how schools designate who they will compete against in school sports. Our divisions are:

Division A One Location/One Dance Classroom

Division B One Location/Two Dance Classrooms

Division C Multiple Locations/Multiple Dance Classrooms.

This is a lot to think about. SKILLS is not for everyone, but it is for those who are looking for a new achievement mode, do not want long days to watch multiple routines, mainly solos and titles, and are looking for an affordable alternative to recognize dance classroom achievement.

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That’s all for today, I’ll be back this weekend about SKILLS ownership and how YOU not me earn an income from SKILLS. Once you purchase the site license, the money is yours not mine. No other purchase is necessary, so find friends and listen to the podcast.

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