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Thursday, March 31, 2022

Yesterday, I was corrected on a Facebook dance teacher group for a post that included a QRC graphic. A poster questioned what did I mean. I should note, that on Facebook due to #trolling by a studio dance vendor and his followers, I always research on Facebook and via Google and Bing who is making the comment. This person considers himself to be a DANCE STUDIO MARKETING SPECIALIST for the dance studio industry at a student attraction academy who lives in Vietnam. Where??? What? Who are you again?

But I digress, what is the difference? When you are asked to CLICK, it usually means that you click a link to another website (or sometimes on Facebook another’s page or event). Clicking the link brings you to something of value to you personally or professionally, hopefully.

When you SCAN a QRC graphic, the result is the same, it brings you to another location on the net. QRC codes are making a come-back. They were used in the ‘80’s primarily by scientific businesses to bring people to their scientific results. Now many parents under the age of 35, prefer them because they have QRC readers on their phones to work at home online. Companies during the pandemic began using them as a quick method for employees to gain access to meetings and information, I was told.

You can choose either. I use Canva for graphic design; Canva has a way for you to make QRC codes that go to your website or to a document for parents to read. Some dance educators are using them for recital programs. On the graphic I posted it was meant to scan a program I am offering, a course to become licensed for a curriculum design (a way to create lesson plans for faculty or oneself) for dance studios, which also allows the licensee in a group of five other dance educators to offer a student achievement program that is the alternative to dance competitions for the profit of the collaborative team.

To get a QRC reader on your phone I recommend you search the term QRC READER and select the one for either IOS (iPhone) or Android that you feel comfortable with.

As for me I have fixed my graphic for stories and posts, and below is the information on a click format for my programs. EXPECTATIONS For Dance Curriculum Frameworks® offers a five-week course, with two LIVE events, one at the beginning-one at the end, teaching how to create curriculum and become credentialed as an adjudicator/instructor for my student achievement events SKILLS Sport Dance Games®. The course is on sale until April 15, 2022 for $199.00. Price increases to $299.00 on April 16, 2022.

I also offer an How To Organize A Dance Studio course for $49.00, allowing for 12 hours of instruction with 60 day access that focuses on everyday dance studio knowledge. Course information for both is listed below. Courses are organized using a public education model, I am a retired public educator and dance studio owner.

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