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Updated: Oct 12

SKILLS Sport-Dance Games® is the ALTERNATIVE to current studio dance competition model offering teachers, studio owners, school dance team coaches, public school districts and college dance teams, and after school enrichment programs event ownership. It is a competitive achievement for what you offer in your dance classrooms, based in proper ballet training for the four domains of dance education.

Here are our FAQs from you and to you!

Your Questions To Us!

How Can An Individual(s) Own An Event?

Studio dance competitions are currently owned by one person or a small group of people. Why can’t you as an individual, a studio, or dance educator own a SKILLS event? Studio dance competitions are often TOURS. SKILLS are events that are held in specific areas of a state, creating their own regional tour without the complexity of hiring teams to travel or asking judges to subjectively score routines based on their experience as professional dancers who were once studio dancers.

How Can You Assure That The Events Are Scored Objectively?

Jann Davis created the original adjudicated score system that is used globally by studio dance competitions. The SKILLS score system is completely different. Based on the EXPECTATIONS For Dance® Curriculum Frameworks, the SKILLS method of scoring is based on the curriculum rubrics attendees at our retreat are introduced to.

Rubrics are used in public education for specific skills students are required to meet in specific subjects. They are not based on a scoring of up to 100 points, but on how well a student achieves in the classroom, allowing for future improvement. EXPECTATIONS are part of the overall concept introducing a modern model for dance education and the dance classroom.

Why Are There No Solos-Duo-Trios Or Small Groups?

SKILLS is team based, meaning the entries are for teams only beginning at 8 members for grades K-1, and 12 members or more for other educational grades. Meets are based on what SKILLS level students achieved, size of the team and size of the entering studio to keep the meets leveled. year one for facilities is limited to entrants who are in a current school grade K-6. Year two advances to students in school grades 7-12. the complexity of the skills allows students who have competed to be entered into a meet on the same day but not in the same section.

What Is The Per Student Entry Fee?

The entry fee per student is $60, which we do post on our websites, additional fees by facilities is their responsibility to explain to their students. The fee includes both sections of play compulsory and creative for five minutes of performance-achievement play. Each meet is scheduled for 90-minutes of play, like a sports game. Each meet day contains four SKILLS games. SKILL games can be played on a weekend or as an after school. After school meets allow for 2 games per meet. This is explained in full at a seminar.

How Is The Score System Different From The One Currently Used By Dance Competitions?

This is explained at our retreats. The scoring is rubric based, for an overall impression please read our general guidelines blog.

How Are Adjudicators And Convention Instructors Paid?

Teaching dance is a part-time endeavor. If an adjudicator/convention-master instructor actively recruits studios into meets or conventions, there is a base salary plus a commission for recruitment efforts.

How do I purchase the EXPECTATIONS For Dance® Curriculum Frameworks Educational Site License?

Jann is committed to making all programs under the educational site license affordable and profitable. By hosting a retreat, (your seat at the seminar is complimentary as host), you agree to recruiting ten other like-minded individuals, either members of your facility’s teaching team, other studio owners/instructors, educational dance team coaches or after-school enrichment program directors to the seminar.

The site license is for one year with a fee of $1500. The fee can be divided into five equal payments by a group of five individuals creating a COLLABORATIVE TEAM, payment is due before meets or classes can be scheduled by a facility or our logos placed on websites. Collaborative teams may be up to five like-minded owners/teachers/coaches. All LIVE and On Demand seminar fees are deducted from the educational site license fee. There are a limited number of site licenses available for each state, All entry fees, convention fees, and Montage Choreography By Design® coaching workshops are the LICENSEES, not ours. Licensees are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement. You are paying for it, it is your profit, why share it with others? Educational site licenses are renewable on a yearly basis for a fee of $1500 or $2500 for 2 years, to hold four (4) to eight (8) regional events., one for each member of your COLLECTIVE TEAM


$60 Per Team Member Times 12 Members On A Team EQUALS $600

$600 Times 5 Teams Per Meet Session Times 4 Teams Per Meet Day EQUALS $12,000

$12,000 Times A 2-Day Weekend Meet EQUALS $24,000 Base Income Before Expenses Or Fees Collected As The Gate And Vendors

Our Questions To You!

Do you have a smaller number of student dance team members whose parents cannot afford the current studio dance competition circuit? Are you in an area of the country where the larger competitions do not come to? Are you looking for a way to increase student involvement, so students can learn more, but your parent clients do not want to overwhelm their child or themselves in something not viewed as a sport? How do you answer a parent's question "what will my child learn this year"?

Questions? Call 781-742-3173 Monday to Friday from 10:00AM to 3:00 PM EST.


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