SKILLS Sport-Dance Games®The ALTERNATIVE To Dance Competitions

Oh no another NEW dance competition! Incorrect, SKILLS Sport-Dance Games® is NOT your usual dance competition, nor like the one you or your current teacher entered.

Did you know the current format for dance competitions actually began in 1973, in Boston, with a local competition? It began at 9am and lasted until 11pm with thirty-five routines? How do I know, I had one of the thirty-five routines!

Did you know that SPECIAL AWARDS were created by a man named Richard DiSarno, who later worked for a costume company, designing DanceAmerica®?

Did you know that for the first five years scoring and rules were very limited and that the FIRST adjudicated score system was created in 1977 for a private competition? I know I created it! Prior to that judges just chose a score based on their opinion. The adjudicated score system is now used globally, without my permission. IT IS LICENSED, no one to date has paid me since 1977!

Did you know that studio dance competitions are over 50 years old, and the concept was created by Beverly Fletcher, teacher of Michael Bennet creator or “A Chorus Line”?

A little studio dance competition history for you, today let’s talk about new possibilities. Dance competitions over the past 50 plus years have changed. They have become big business! Local competitions have grown into National Tours, some stay, some do not make the cut, or others like mine American Dance Invitational® were only once a year local events which became a 6-week mini tour. I decided when working as a public educator, not to hold mine anymore in 2006. Public educators are held to a higher standard than dance teachers, working on a masters degree, keeping my professional certifications up to date by continuously attending professional development courses and correcting 150 essays weekly left little time to tour for six weeks in New England.

However, working as a public educator I still had students I didn’t want to disappoint. I became the dance team coach. I traveled with the team to games and competitions. I attended basketball games home and away. I rode the team bus to events. I judged public school dance team events, they are smaller because cheer is HUGE, but they are there. Almost every public high school across the country has cheerleaders for sports. Cheer is considered a sport, dance is considered a club. So? Big difference for funds allocated in public education. Big difference in the perception of dance teams until recently.

I watched hours of games, mainly basketball. There are some wonderful traditions for athletes at the high school level. I began to make notes at these games, I called them what ifs. I had an advantage of being an early studio dance competition pioneer. I knew where the rules, currently plagiarized by studio dance competitions came from.

· What if there really was a way for scoring to be objective?

· What if judges were credentialed to adjudicate objectively?

· What if an event divided students by their current school grade so public-school dance teams could participate in addition to private dance studios?

· What if events could be held year-round on a rotating basis encouraging private dance students to enroll in dance classes?

· What if there was a specific curriculum all dance educators could use to teach from that was part of the score system?

· What if the score system had specific curriculum skills taught in your dance classroom to be adjudicated?

· What if the entry fees were affordable and teams wore uniforms instead of costumes?

· What if events, called meets, were only two-hours in length that could be held on weekends or after-school?

· What if ALL dance educators could hold regional meets and profit?

There are more what ifs, but if you are interested in making more money then go to my website,, and click the MEET SKILLS link to learn more. Then if you are interested in a new design that is a financial incentive for you, REGISTER for a VIRTUAL retreat!

in dance there are no strangers, only friends who haven’t met yet…

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