We Are Not A Competition Studio

We Are Not A Competition Studio

We Are Not A Competition

What Makes SKILLS Sport-Dance Games® Different?

  • Adjudicator And Instructor Certifications

  • Affordable Participation Fees

  • Conference Divisional Invitations Highest Scoring Teams

  • Divisions Based On School Grade, No Age Averaging

  • Each Meet Limited to 2 Hours

  • Four Meets Per Day Organized By Dancer's Compulsory Skill Level

  • Location Ownership License Fee Based On One To Five Events Quarterly

  • National Invitationals In Four Geographic Locations

  • New Score System And New Performance Guidelines

  • No Costumes, Events Require Team Performance Uniform

  • Objective Scoring Featuring KWHL Systems For Dance Education

  • Retreat Tours Teaches Site Location Management And Ownership

  • Skill Play Curriculum Based On the Four Domains Of Dance

  • Specific Required Skills In Each Level Of Play

  • Team-Based, Team Members Begin At Seven (Five For Grades K-1)

  • Two Sections Of Play At Each Meet Compulsory And Creative

  • Year-Round Meets

​Limited USA State Licenses Based On Facility Market Areas

No License Purchase May Be Within A 25 Mile Radius Of Another Site Owner

Educational Site Licenses Available At Our Summer 2021 Retreats

ALL Meet Entry Fees Are YOURS Not OURS With Valid Site License Purchase

Site License Purchase Based On Number Of Meets Per Quarter

NDA Contractual Agreement REQUIRED

Retreat Fee Is For TEAMS Not Individuals Attendees

Fees Beginning At $499 For A Team Of FIVE Members

Sound Interesting?

Info Skillsdance.Com

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5% Of All Proceeds Of Our Sales Are Donated To Local Charities

In The Form Of Grocery Gift Cards For Vulnerable Food Anxiety Communities

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