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What Is The True Business Of The Dance Studio Business?

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Why Do You Compete? Are You Losing Students By Competing?


Since the start of studio dance “competition season”, I have been watching the online weekend events. Many of the competitions now state they have a leveling system in place of an adjudication score system. As the person who created the ADJUDICATED SCORE SYSTEM in 1977, I thank them at least using SOMETHING, albeit it is plagiarized and now in 2023 the complaints have started about favoritism, and too many awards, yada, yada.

Competitions are, and have always been vehicles for the tour vendor to make lots of money and for large dance studios to use for recruitment. In 1973, I began competing, a one day event, 35 entries, reel to reel music, written judges comments, that began at 8:30 AM and ended at 11:30 PM, yup they milked it. The owner of the competition would send her twin sons out into the audience and actively recruit senior dancers for their mom's "company", no one had teams back them. After a few years, I designed a new competition, new rules, an adjudicated score system now globally used but woefully misused and modified to the point of being meaningless. STOP THE MADNESS, STOP COMPETING, this is why you are losing students!!!

SKILLS Sport Dance Games® and its novice-primary only event Dance4Kids Invitational are the ALTERNATIVE to the current competitive studio dance concept. To use ANY part of the concept you must own a license for EXPECTATIONS For Dance Curriculum Frameworks®. The licensing fee is $625 per person in a COLLABORATIVE TEAM of four dance educators, or $27/monthly for 2 years.

As dance educators, our bodies are the books from which our students’ study. Our teachings are transitory based on a different “hot” dance subject genre each season, taught by teachers who do not keep notes of what they teach, so entering facilities do not have an effective guideline on what to teach. SKILLS is not that format. I created DOMAIN DANCE®, based on what is seen in all dance forms and subject genre styles. It has six levels based on content for each level and is added to as student succeed in their performances.

It is AFFORDABLE to the students, and it is PROFITABLE for you whether you are a single room owner or multiple room owner, it is designed to be so for facility and personal growth.

Host a seminar or info-session, invite like-minded friends, and begin to OWN your business for YOUR profit not the profit of the vendors. You’ve made them millionaires, it’s time to make yourself richer than them. More Info is HERE

Wednesdays-Thursdays-Fridays in are available beginning in March 2023.

The problem is not making up the steps but deciding which ones to keep.”

—Mikhail Baryshnikov

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