“Where’s Woody?” Setting Your Recital Stage

Updated: Oct 29

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“Where’s Woody?”

Setting Your Recital Stage

Which One Is Your Setting?

Andy’s Room?

Day Care Center?

Kindergarten Classroom?

There are many ideas out there on how to set your stage for a production mini-vent recital, I am sure you have your own.

Step one, choosing your presentation site location

  • What is your location and the size of your stage?

  • Is it portable in your studio?

  • Is it in a cafetorium of a local elementary school?

  • Who will be in your audience?

  • Can you use a backdrop?

  • Can you use wash lights?

  • Will you use black lights for a special effect?

  • Will you use portable props?

  • Are you going to use balloon arches or clouds?

A friend recently reminded me that in a very early dance recital, she and I got cardboard boxes of multiple sizes, spray painted them white and applied letters to make them look like alphabet blocks. Now you can order stuffed toys to do the same thing and wrap boxes as a birthday party. Or you could use a screen as a backdrop and flash images of the dancers on a screen as a backdrop. I am sure there are multiple ways one could find that are simple yet effective to set the setting for your recital.

Choosing A Picture Book As A Script

As I was writing this, I remembered a book I purchased as research, answering my question, how can I make this type of recital more fun? There is a book, available through Amazon, called WHERE’S WOODY? It is a short paperback book; Buzz is the main character asking the toys to help him find where Woody is hiding! What if you could adapt the text of the book as the script your narrator reads? Buzz asks seven questions that could be read before the entrance of your routines (you could of course expand it to ten or twelve) with a finale of all of the toy dancers! Your main character dancers could lead out each group with a sign asking the audience to shout out the name of their child. Ask questions, make suggestions, we’d love to hear from you and collaborate.

I recommend that instead of watching a popular movie and trying to adapt it, one explores and finds similar books to adapt as a recital format for your younger students the PK to Grade 2, primary grade students. Costume it lightly, set the stage simply. I always remember one mom telling me, we send them because they are cute. follow that directive, keep it simple keep it fun!

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