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American Sport Dance Games®  Ownership In Person Seminars


This fee is for a group of studio owners and their faculties 12-15 attendees who wish to own collaboratively an AMERICAN SPORT DANCE GAMES® event and one facility agrees to host a seminar on the following preferred dates July 17, 2024, July 24, 2024, or August 7, 2024 or another date chosen by the group agreed upon by Jann.  Facility for these dates/rates MUST be in either Massachusetts or Rhode Island and accessible by the MBTA Commuter Rail.


For seminars outside of Massachusetts there will be additional travel fees for Ms. Davis which include transportation, hotel, and Uber. A flat fee of up to $1,000 may be requested. All fees are payable IN FULL 14 days prior to the seminar date chosen. For groups there is a $500 cancellation fee, for individuals there is a $50.00 cancellation fee. Individuals may attend group seminars if it is agreeable to host facility.


Included in this seminar yearly fee for a Studio Owner And Faculty AADI DANCE EDUCATOR MEMBERSHIP. We will accept three additional individual attendees at these seminars for a fee of $299 per attendee. email Jann at for discount code.


This Fee Does NOT Include EXPECTATIONS For Dance

Curriculum Frameworks® Educational Site License

A Discount For A Site License Is Given To The Three Studios Who Agree To Purchase the license as a collaborative enterprise.


Please REGISTER For The Seminar HERE FIRST


Product Is NOT Eligible For PayPal 4 Payments. Payment MUST Be In Full At The Time Of Purchase


Please read what this seminar offers


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American Sport Dance Games® Ownership In Person Seminars Group Fee

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