In-Studio Seminars 8:30 AM To 3:00 PM
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Presentation • Activity • Discussion

Retreats Are Held Year-Round Via Private Studios Throughout The USA
College Dance Teams And Local Dancewear Store Vendors May Host



Seminar Schedule Based On Dance Educator Requests All Topics May Not Be Included

9:00-10:00 Setting Up your Year-Round Schedules To Include All Dancers K-12 For PROFIT AND Creating Curriculum Using Expectations For Dance® And Your Current Core Curriculum Including Dance Subject Genre Rubrics/Assessments For K-12
10:00 -11:00 Designing Recital/Competitive Montage Choreography For All Levels And Subject Genre Focusing On The Recreational Dancers
11:00-12:00 Attracting And Keeping The PK-Grade 2 Set With Mini-Vents® Using Common Childhood Themes, Movies, And Picture Books AND Shorter Sessions 6-10 Weeks In Length Including Seasonal Camps

12:00-12:30 Using Canva For Social Media Advertising During the Attendee LUNCH BREAK (Included In Fee Questions And Answers)

12:30-1:00 ​ Understanding SKILLS PROFIT, Game Scoring Rubrics, Domain Dance® For Your Fall Recruitment

12:30-1:00 SKILLS ADJUDICATION DEMO With Instructor-Adjudicator Credentialing Information

1:00-2:00 Domain Dance® What Is It, Levels For All Dance Ages, Dance Educator Credentialing

2:00-3:00 Introducing THE DANCE UNITY PROJECT Selling Your Ideas Online through Us, DANCE MOMS CLASSIC FUNDRAISER A Competition For Your Adult Classes AND Attracting New Teachers For SKILLS, Why-How, Student Dance Classroom Assistants,

All seminar info is given to participants on a USB, Microsoft Word 365 and Google Docs

Once a seminar is completed, adjudication/instructor credentialing is open for testing. COLLABORATIVE Teams may open SKILLS classes in their facilities, hosting Dance Meets  2022-2023 Dance Season

Dance Class

Seminar Attendee/Licensee Benefits

  • SKILLS Sport-Dance Games® State Regional Director

  • Dancers Against Hunger® Charity Fundraiser Affiliation

  • Dance Unity Project® Online Seller Partner

  • Licensed Use Of Our Logos Professional And Online

  • Adjudicator-Instructor Pre-Credentialing*

We Are Looking For STUDIOS/CHEER DANCE GYMS To Rent For Our Seminars. If interested please call Jann 781-742-3173


Once a seminar is completed, adjudication/instructor credentialing is open for testing. COLLABORATIVE Teams may open SKILLS classes in their facilities, begin hosting Dance Meets® for the 2022-2023 dance season

EXPECTATIONS For Dance ® Site License Benefits

  • Entry Fees For SKILLS Sport-Dance Games Is Licensees

  • Earn Up To $40K For The 22-23 Studio Dance Season

*Credentialing is complete with purchase of site license and online testing

Facility Rental Requirements Full Day Seminar

  • One Large Dance Classroom (In Person Able to Accommodate Up To 25 Attendees) With One Blank Wall

  • Facility Must Be Air-Conditioned For Summer Month Seminars

  • Wi-Fi High Speed 

  • Agreeing To Recruiting Like-Minded Individuals To Attend

  • Allow the Jann Davis Company To Advertise Seminar Location On Social Media



If HOST facility cancels the retreat, not cancelled due to COVID or other public health or weather-related issues, within 14-days of the event date, the Jann Davis Company refunds fees less the required Non-Refundable Deposit Fee, to cover Ms. Davis personal and professional expenses, inclusive of and not limited to travel and online advertising). Ms. Davis' travel expenses ARE covered in the attendee fee.


Contact Ms. Davis for further information to host.


In Person Seminar Private Two Facilities $950/Per Facility**

In Person Seminar Private One Facility $1200**

In Person Seminar 10-15 Attendees $189 Per Attendee

In Person Seminar 16-20 Attendees $149 Per Attendee

HYBRID-One Studio Hosts With Up To 15 Zoom Attendees $189 Per Attendee

Virtual Only (Streaming Sessions With ONE LIVE Follow Up) Up To 40 Zoom Attendees $189 Per Attendee 

Virtual Dates Coming Soon


Rental Facility Responsibilities

Ms. Davis needs the following information from you to schedule a retreat.


Travel: By Amtrak Preferred Or A Major Airport

Lodging: Closest Marriott Hotel/Holiday Inn Owned Property (FULL-Day Retreats Available preferred on Fridays or Sundays). Student weekend workshops for students in school grades 1-6 are available beginning June 12, 2022 to assist with implementation of program for facilities.


A maximum of 15 attendees is requested per retreat, invited by HOST in order for one to be held. All host facilities should be within a 10-mile radius of an Amtrak/Airport location.


If facility host cannot pick Ms. Davis up at an Amtrak Station/Airport an UBER/Lyft service is used. Please advise if a parent in your facility is a driver.