Within 3 years, SKILLS Sport-Dance Games® Will Replace Studio Dance Competitions

STOP Before you read further, this event is unlike any studio dance competition!

WHY? Because YOU Own One And The Format Is NOT The Current Competition Format!


There Are TWO Retreat Formats

A FULL-Day or HALF-Day (available in MA or RI Fridays in July/August)


There Are TWO Retreat Syles

An OPEN Retreat In A Public Facility, PRIVATE Retreat In A Studio

A FULL-day or HALF-day (available in MA or RI Fridays in July/August)


By Teacher Request OPEN Retreat

Save The Date! Friday July 30, 2021

New OPEN Attendance Retreat

Half-Day Retreat 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM

INQUIRY Sent to a Canton MA Function Facility

Jann is announcing the location on

Wednesday June 23rd AFTER she signs the facility's contract


Attendee Fee is $99 if registered and paid in full between

June 23rd to June 30th Limited Attendee Available 



Registration Deadline is July 15, 2021 11:59 PM EST

Registration W/O Payment Is HERE

Meet SKILLS Sport-Dance Games®


Dance4Kids Invitational Conventions®

Events Created Specifically For ALL Dance Students

Entry Fees Belong To YOU Our Licensees Not US!!!

SKILLS Sport-Dance Games® is the ALTERNATIVE to studio dance competitions offering teachers, studio owners, school dance team coaches, public school districts, college dance teams, and after school enrichment programs event ownership. SKILLS offers those who enter objective credentialed adjudicators, and convention certified curriculum instructors. Our events are called MEETS, 90-minutes in length, each meet is based on sport concepts similar to soccer or basketball, no solos or duo-trios, teams only.


SKILLS Sport-Dance Games® are part of the EXPECTATIONS For Dance® Curriculum Frameworks educational site licensing program offering a curriculum to increase student recruitment and retainment by creating a year-round studio model, one term learning, one term achieving for your students who wish to do more but may not be interested in a studio dance competition track, preferring a performance team. Our curricula is based on the four domains of dance used in all dance subject genre, it is leveled, students ACHIEVE! 


Each retreat attendee becomes a member of Dance Studio Union and beginning in September become eligible to SELL their lesson plans online through Project Dance Unity. Check out ALL the pages here and Jann's bio. She understands how to own and operate a dance studio, she owned 3 locations in Massachusetts before transitioning into public education. 


All entry fees, convention fees, and Choreography By Design® coaching workshops are the LICENSEES, not ours. At retreat seminars, Jann Davis teaches all aspects of the plan.


This is the math problem Jann shares at the opening of each retreat. You decide.

We discuss how many meets can be held in a term for your profit. This is for ONE meet.



$50 Per Team Member Times 12 Members On A Team EQUALS $600

$600 Times 5 Teams Per Meet Session Times 4 Teams Per Meet Day EQUALS $12,000

$12,000 Times A 2-Day Weekend Meet EQUALS $24,000 Base Income Before Expenses


SKILLS Sport-Dance Games® Information

SKILLS Sport-Dance Games® is based on youth activities team competitive concepts. Youth sports are made up of individuals who create teams. Each individual’s placement on a team supports the entire team. The SKILLS “performances” are structured in two sections, for a five-minute total. The required content of each performance is contained in the EXPECTATIONS for Dance® Coaching Guide. The guide contains specific dance movements ballet-based, for the four domains of dance education. The guide is available only at our retreats to attendees. The guide includes curriculum and choreography unit and lesson plans.


Rules And Guidelines

•             Adjudication-Scoring System

•             Divisions, Classifications, Time Limits

•             General Guidelines

•             Schedule, Deadlines



The SKILLS Sport-Dance Games score system, OBJECTIVE, not based on the opinion of ONE judge. Adjudicators are trained and certified to use it for our programs ONLY.


Adjudication System

Jann Davis created the original ADJUDICATED score system in 1977, based on a BELL CURVE, a range of points in public education for testing purposes. There is NO criteria for evaluation with this particular method used globally as a studio dance competition score method. It presumes all students entering a studio dance competition are learning the same skills for each dance subject genre they study and that the judges understand which skills are taught and at what level.


SKILLS Score Criteria Includes:

Execution Of Skills, Choreography Difficulty, Overall Impression, each of these has a subgrouping for judges’ evaluation. Our score sheet has 3 rubric levels for judging:

  • Attempts to Meet the Criteria for Evaluation

  • Meets the Criteria for Evaluation

  • Exceeds the Criteria for Evaluation


Each of these is on a point evaluation for a specific percentage. Our adjudicators choose which one of the four domains dance of they choose to judge and only judge that one domain per dance meet.



SKILLS is team based only, there are no solos, titles, duo-trios, small groups, extended or production. All teams begin at 12 members per team (preschool-kindergarten teams are 8-10 members). The events are called MEETS, 4 meets per one-day event, 8 meets per two-day events


Division Name                                  Members             Members

Elementary Grades K-2                 Minimum 8         Maximum 10

Intermediate Grades 3-4               Minimum 12        Maximum 16

Middle School 5-6-7-8                   Minimum 12       Maximum 16

High School 9-10-11-12                  Minimum 12       Maximum 16


No age averaging necessary, team members may be all in the same school grade or multiple school grades in the Same Division ONLY. Example a middle school team may have members in grades 5-8 or grade 5-6 or 7-8. Students are placed on teams based on which skills they have achieved in their SKILLS dance class included on each classroom rubric which transfers to the score rubric system. A meet may include all ages on one day per the skill level achieved. SKILLS is designed so studios may enroll throughout the year for all age students. Meets may be held in each on our yearly terms.


Research has shown students prefer to be with students in their same grade until high school, then they prefer to be on a sports team based as Junior Varsity or Varsity.



The entry fee per team member is $50, it includes the two sections of the meet, the compulsory and the creative for a total of five performance minutes, fully explained at a retreat. The fee is advertised on our website. Additional revenue methods for a facility are also explained at a retreat and included in the educational site license.



Change your expectations! Events are held in school gymnasiums, public or college in the town/city where the licensee lives! Set-up is different, licensees can earn extra income by charging an admission fee, selling t-shirts, and flowers, if allowed by the school rental policies.

The Structure Of SKILLS Sport-Dance Games® Year-Round Training

Meet Yearly Structure

  • Invitational Meets

  • Divisional Meets

  • State Meets

  • State Tournaments Multiple Locations in 2023


Facility-Studio Divisions

  • Division A One Location/One Dance Classroom

  • Division B One Location/Two Dance Classrooms

  • Division C Multiple Locations/Multiple Dance Classrooms



The SKILLS award system is under construction, as licensees are asked to amend what is proposed. Using a format similar to studio dance competitions awarding individual dancers a participation token (pin, medal) and placement awards to each entering team (trophy, banner), SKILLS awards placement based on points earned prior to allowing a team move to the next level of play. Additional personal banners and trophies are available for parental purchase in our online shop. Placement rules are discussed at each of our retreats.


  • Ongoing Year-Round Enrollments For Dance Presenters: studios, public schools, after school enrichment

  • Our Year Begins The First Sunday In October

  • Year Is Divided Into FOUR Terms TWO Semesters

  • Each term is 12-weeks in length, one for training, one for attending meets, modified by licensees

  • Ownership is by a licensee per location, read our financial benefits below



These are general guidelines ONLY. Specifics for team attire, designated skills per age division and rubric design are discussed at a retreat session in general and more specifically per virtual Zoom licensee REQUIRED sessions via our website.


Upon entering the SKILLS Sport-Dance Games or Dance4Kids Invitational meets and events, it is agreed that all students, parents, relatives, studio owners and teachers/coaches will not hold the Jann Davis Company, hosting staff, directors, or the meet facilities responsible for any injury or loss of property during the event.


Studios/facilities are responsible for distributing the following guidelines to all participating families:


1. NO CAMERAS OF ANY TYPE WILL BE ALLOWED IN THE DRESSING OR MEET/PERFORMANCE AREAS. Anyone concealing a camera and asked more than once to remove it from the dressing areas or meet areas result in removal from the meet and/or disqualification of their entering studio/facility.


2. Parents are not to contact the JDC office via phone or email. All inquiries will be made through their participating studios/facilities, for clarity and efficiency of communication.


3. There is a limit to the number of team entries per studio/facility submit per meet date and location based on the announcement of the date/location regional host. Each meet section is limited to FIVE team entries per two-hour session. Teams MAY NOT compete against themselves for example team A from studio A may not be entered into the SAME age division-skill level.


4. Music, choreography and team attire for the compulsory/creative section per team is age appropriate based on the agreed attire by licensees at the retreats. All entries in the creative section are considered family entertainment. Any entry not considered family entertainment are penalized and or disqualified at the sole discretion of the location licensee and meet adjudicators.


5. All studios/facilities abide by the Music Policies as listed above.


6. All entries will check in with the Event Manager on the check in time as designated by the host director in email correspondence. Since there are no costume changes there isn’t a need for ANY delays.


7. The results of the meet are final. No teacher, student or parent will question the adjudicators or host director.


8. Derogatory statements concerning any team is NOT allowed. SKILLS is a supportive and encouraging environment.


9. If any teacher/coach, parent or student walking in front of the adjudicators’ table during a team compulsory/creative performance, their teams are disqualified and asked to leave the event.


10. Each team is required to have a co-captain to receive awards. All team members graciously accept and say thank you when presented with an award.


11. If any studio/facility, dancer or parent is abusive in the dressing area, that individual is disqualified and/or asked to leave the event. Each studio/facility and participant is responsible for the complete clean-up of their dressing areas.


12. There will be no coaching ANY WHERE while a team is performing.


13. All participants accept the manner and method of adjudication set forth by the hosts.


14. There will be no claiming of an area for changing or private warm-up. Dressing rooms are shared space.


15. Dancers will not sit on the floor in the vicinity of the judge’s tables at any time for any reason.


16. There will be no food or drink allowed at a meet at any time. NO EXCEPTIONS


17. Props are NOT allowed for the creative section of a team’s performance. For the compulsory section, NO props are needed.


18. If an adjudicator feels a team entry is not in correct placement for a team, the entry will not be penalized. When awards are presented, the host will announce the entry was adjudicated as deemed by the panel of adjudicators.


19. All participants give their permission for any photograph or video taken of them by Jann Davis Company to be used in promotion. This includes ads, television, sales videos, website, social media, newsletters, brochures and any other form of marketing both print and digital on behalf of the Jann Davis Company.



The schedule and deadlines are determined by the local licensed director for a specific state location. As licensees are added throughout the year, dates and locations are added. The deadline for each meet is 45-days prior to the date of the invitational meet and must be paid for in full before teams are accepted into a meet.


Information on Divisional Meets, State Meets, State Tournaments Multiple Locations is discussed at retreats and scheduled as necessary as the program grows. SKILLS uses a BID system, for Tournaments in 2023. The teams who receive a PLATINUM BID, enter the event FREE. There are cash awards at the tournament paid for by our sponsors.


EXPECTATIONS For Dance Curriculum Frameworks® Educational Site License


EXPECTATIONS For Dance Curriculum Frameworks® Educational Site License allows licensees to purchase at a fee of $2500 for two years. It is inclusive offering curriculum, choreography, unit and lesson plans for each facility division, five modules, three sections per module.


The fee can be divided into five equal payments by a group of five individuals for $650 per individual. This type of license is called a COLLABORATIVE TEAM license. Our attendee retreat fee is deducted from the site license fee. There are a limited number of site licenses available for each state, no license is purchased by anyone within 25 miles of another licensed facility.


All entry fees, convention fees, and Choreography By Design® coaching workshops are the LICENSEES, not ours. At retreat seminars, Jann Davis teaches all aspects of the plan BEFORE you agree to purchase. All license fees must be paid in full before a licensee can hold events. Licensees are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement. You are paying for it, it is your profit, why share it with others? Educational site licenses are renewable on a yearly basis for a fee of $1500.

Jann is committed to making all programs under the educational site license affordable and profitable. By hosting a retreat, (your seat at the seminar is complimentary as host), you agree to recruiting five to fifteen other like-minded individuals, either members of your facility’s teaching team, other studio owners/instructors, educational dance team coaches or after-school enrichment program directors to the seminar.



Information on this page is COPYRIGHTED

EXPECTATIONS For Dance Curriculum Frameworks® Educational Site License Benefits


Basic Dance Studio Union®

$149.00 Yearly Membership 

  • Dance Studio By Design® Studio Dance Model

  • DSBD Branding And Taglines

  • DSBD/AADITEACH/DSU Logos On YOUR Studio Site

  • One 30-Minute Coaching Call With Jann Davis Yearly

  • Weekly E-Newsletter


Premium Collaborative


Curriculum Framework License

$650 Per Collaborative Member

2-Year License

  • Access To SKILLS Sport-Dance Games® Private Retreats

  • Dance Studio By Design® Studio Dance Model

  • DSBD Branding And Taglines

  • DSBD/AADITEACH/DSU Logos On YOUR Studio Site

  • EXPECTATIONS For Dance® Curriculum Frameworks 

  • One 30-Minute Coaching Call With Jann Davis Yearly

  • Private Facebook Dance Studio By Design® Group

  • SKILLS Sport-Dance Games® Digital Intensives 2X Yearly

  • SKILLS Sport-Dance Games® Event Coaching Calls

  • Unit And Lesson Plans And Modifiable Templates

  • Weekly E-Newsletter

  • Weekly Facebook Group Video Room Message From Jann


Executive EXPECTATIONS For Dance® Curriculum Framework License

$2500 2-Year License

  • Access To SKILLS Sport-Dance Games® Private Retreats

  • Dance Studio By Design® Studio Dance Model

  • DSBD Branding And Taglines

  • DSBD/AADITEACH/DSU Logos On YOUR Studio Site

  • EXPECTATIONS For Dance® Curriculum Frameworks 

  • One 30-Minute Coaching Call With Jann Davis Yearly

  • Private Facebook Dance Studio By Design® Group

  • SKILLS Sport-Dance Games® Digital Intensives 2X Yearly

  • SKILLS Sport-Dance Games® Event Coaching Calls

  • Unit And Lesson Plans And Modifiable Templates

  • Weekly E-Newsletter

  • Weekly Facebook Group Video Room Message From Jann