The Jann Davis Company is diligently working to present affordable programs with new methodologies currently employed by educational entrepreneurs. EXPECTATIONS For Dance Curriculum Frameworks®, SKILLS Sport Dance Games® and Dance4Kids Conventions® offer unique approaches to employment and ownership for dance educators.


Teachers who wish to teach at the convention or to present their “best practices” for the DANCE CLASSROOM, are encouraged to attend or allow their studio facility to rent a summer-fall seminar. The Hire Me Project® is a referral-reward-rebate incentive program. For every attendee referral an individual refers to our programs who attend a seminar, student workshop of convention we give back a percentage of the attendee fee to the referrer.

Faculty Offers

The Jann Davis Company is an equal opportunity employer. Our preference for serious faculty consideration is the applicant be currently teaching in a private or public school setting, and have experience teaching the school grades K-12 student demographic for a period of at least three years. Middle School dance team coaches are encouraged to apply. First preference for employment at the  SKILLS Sport Dance Games® and Dance4Kids Conventions® are given to instructors who are employed by or are part of a COLLABORATIVE TEAM educational site license ownership of EXPECTATIONS For Dance Curriculum Frameworks®. Our programs focus on developing-building a NEW model of dance education globally. We do not employ those who are a for-hire choreographers for competitive routines. Applications are sent to those who have completed our certification course.