Vendor Advertising And Sponsorships

Looking to expand your product’s reach for the 2021-2022 studio dance season? SKILLS Sport-Dance Games® retreat seminars offer established and new vendors affordable options via our website, social media posts and sponsoring one-day retreats. Join us as we explore with our visitors and attendees a new studio dance model based on changes in public and private education. 

Beginning June 15, 2021,Jann is going onto IG with live posts. Vendors who would like me to talk about your product, send me ONE item that I can either wear or showcase during these LIVE IG posts. I am following multiple companies and I think this would be mutually beneficial to both of us. Email me here if interested:



LUNCH $300

Includes a 15-minute virtual presentation to attendees, a special Dance Pitch-Fest® session.



Sponsor a SKILLS Sport-Dance Games® retreat seminar for $1500 presenting to a very specialized group, a Dance Pitch-Fest® for your company, includes a 30-MINUTE VIRTUAL SESSION. Price stated is for a price for a group of TEN, for a group of FIFTEEN price is $2250. Events are limited to 15 attendees. If sponsored, teachers would attend retreats FREE, sponsored by your company on all of our advertising. Retreats are scheduled on Fridays or Weekends, Half-day retreats are held on Fridays in the months of July-August, and on weekend dates beginning September 10, 2021. Sponsorship fee includes breakfast and lunch for attendees. Half-day retreats in July-August are $1000 Half Day Retreat 10 Attendees or $1500 Half Day Retreat 15 Attendees, sponsorship includes lunch and complimentary BONUS social media advertising session. 


$100 gift card raffle, for Amazon, Apple, Target, and Walmart at each location.

Sponsors may pay for additional gift cards or give gift cards for their products..

States Where Retreats Can Be Hosted July 9 2021 To August 20, 2021

Half-Day Retreats Available in Certain States

Retreats are held on Fridays or Weekends

(must be withing 10 miles of the state capitol)

  • Massachusetts

  • Maine

  • Rhode Island

  • New Hampshire

  • New York

  • New Jersey

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