Jann Davis Virtual Dance Academy Information And FAQ

Jann Davis’ Virtual Dance Academy FAQ



These classes are virtual, students are encouraged to wear whatever is comfortable. Amazon has available dance attire.



Miss Jann created what she calls Mini-Vents® for other dance teachers to use. Unlike recitals these performances are based on a story line, picture books or children’s literature. A virtual series is being planned. There would be ten classes available for a future performance either previously recorded and streamed or LIVE in a local open air area. Stay tuned, it will be based on THE POLAR EXPRESS, and showcase Jann’s new concepts for dance education.

How This Works

Let me explain how this works. Think Netflix, the classes are video taped and then posted to the Facebook group I have set up as a learning unit. You register, pay for the session and watch the classes as many times as you wish for a 30-day period. If successful, I will add a new monthly theme for the Petite Pirouette® classes and add on more skills for the JazzWorks® classes. The alumni class is for one month only, but you are adults now, and coming class maybe difficult. Think of it as Miss Jann teaches Zumba without the scarves and required across the floor flex training.


Unlike other virtual dance classes offered by others in the area, these classes are true drop-in. No registration fees or costume fees, no recital tickets to purchase. For both classes I will send you weekly activities and for the preschool a tutu, crown and wand is in the package, for the jazz class a virtual studio t-shirt. I do however have a plan for longer sessions with a recital in the park, 10 routines for what I call a Mini-Vent® later on, again all attendance is virtual.


For those who have emailed and asked am I going to open again studio based, the answer is yes, however with a caveat. It will be very small for student enrollment, two ten-week sessions with a lightly costumed recital, limited or virtual audience attendance, a storyline based on a children’s picture book. It is a concept I have had for awhile. No contracts or long-term requirements and for children in PK to grade 2.


Prior to the COVID pandemic, I was actively pursuing opening at the Village Shoppes, I almost signed a contract and then, well you can fill in the rest. So please share the classes with others you may know who have children ages 3 to 8, I promise they will be fun. For those of you who do not know read my bio on the website, I became a very successful virtual English teacher, working for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, attended Harvard University, and taught internationally for Virtual High School. I hope you can join me on this venture.

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