The 44- Week Dance Studio

Jann illustrates that the current over-used model of following a yearly school calendar is out of date moving into 2023 and beyond. Her plan for a 44-Week Dance Studio® in the USA and globally moving dance education into a model that promotes dance, introduces new ownership concepts based on demographics, and allows a sustainable profit margin.

Guides To Owning A Dance Studio

Publication Dates On Amazon January 5, 2023

The Dance Teacher’s Notebook

Early Childhood Edition: Understanding The PPK To 2nd Grade

Elementary School Edition: Maintaining Enrollment Grades 2-3-4 

Do you and your faculty understand WHAT to teach and the HOW and WHY?


These once in a lifetime handbooks with a studio forms workbook approaches dance education from the perspective of Jann Davis a renowned dance and public educator, owner of three locations in the Greater Boston area who as a public educator, certified in four fields on the professional level PK-12 via the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, was chosen out of 30,000 public educators to be one of 75 for a scholarship to attend Harvard University at the Kennedy School of Government for instructional classroom design.

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