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Join Our On Demand Classes This Summer

Dancepreneurship®: Building Passive Income Streams

Opens Monday July 8 

Online Attendee Fee $349

Creating A Passive-Profitable Income To Stay In Business

"Keep Those Pennies In Your Pockets"



Free  For Members Of AADI

Where Do You Begin? To Own A Dance Studio

Designing Your Studio's Dance Curriculum And Rubrics

  • Transitioning What To Teach In Multiple Dance Subject Genre To HOW To Teach 

  • Understanding The Basics Of The Dance Classroom® For Multiple School Grade Groups


Understanding Dance Studio Ownership Financial Obligations

  • Determining The Value Of Your Services: Class Profitability Based On School Grades, Yearly Adjustment Pricing, And Membership Models

  • Evaluating Costs To Open, And Expanding Your Knowledge Of Budgets, And Other Financial Considerations


Scheduling Options and Efficient Time Management

  • Offering Varied Class Times To Accommodate Different School Age Groups And Dance Experience

  • Scheduling Seasonal Workshops Or Intensives That Generate Additional Revenue

  • Using Scheduling Software To Automate Bookings, Cancellations, And Reminders


Developing Positive People Management

  • Create An Organizational Chart Defining Roles And Responsibilities For Your Employees

  • Evaluate Studio Curriculum Needs, Maintain Effective Lesson Plans For Studio Subject Genre Faculty Follow With Rubrics

  • Learn Best Practices For Hiring And Effective Classroom Management With A Structured Curriculum  

  • Understand The Importance Of Clear And Faculty Performance Evaluations


Understanding Studio Dance Social Media and Content Management

  • Choosing The Best Social Media Platforms (Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Etc.)

  • Developing A Monthly Content Calendar Aligning With Studio’s Goals

  • Engaging Comments, Hosting Live Sessions, Etc.

  • Tracking Engagement And Conversion Data Utilizing


Creating Social Media Marketing Campaigns For Income Expansion

  • Create Campaign Ideas That Set Key Messages And Develop A Marketing Plan For Internal And External

  • Learn How To Automate Social Media Personalizing Posts, Responses, And Measuring Your Return On Investment


Leveraging Possible Passive Income Strategies

  • Creating Online Dance Classes And Choreography Tutorials

  • Implementing Memberships And-Or Subscriptions For Exclusive Brand Content

  • Partnering With Dancewear Brands Affiliate Sales

  • Renting Studio Space To Independent Instructors Or Community Groups During Non-Peak Hours


Exploring Artificial Intelligence Possibilities In Dance Studios

  • Integrating AI-Powered Movement Analysis To Provide Feedback On Form And Technique

  • Leveraging AI To Improve Email Marketing Campaigns And Social Media Targeting

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