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Own With Friends A Sport Dance Game® Instead

Looking For Our Competition Ownership Seminars?

JANN DAVIS is a dance education consultant, assisting dance educators, facility owners, and enrichment program directors to organize their dance classrooms, creating benchmarks, lesson plans, assessments, curriculum and classroom management strategies. Ms. Davis presents professional development clinics to dance educators throughout the USA who are searching for a new model, a 21st century approach to dance education at conventions and at private in-house workshops. Please use our CONTACT FORM for further information to book Jann, she is available to consult virtually.



  • Owner Jann Davis Dance Center Westwood, Canton, Easton MA For Over 35 Years

  • Owner American Dance Invitational® 1977-2006

  • Choreographer/Director “Annie Junior” Bourne MA Middle School 

  • Choreographer/Director “Wizard Of Oz” Mashpee MA High School 

  • Dance Team Coach Mashpee MA High School 

  • “Dance Moves” Program Mashpee and Chatham Recreational Departments

  • YBrand “Dance Moves” Program Stoughton, East Bridgewater, West Barnstable

  • Member In Good Standing Dance Masters of America Chapters #5 & #18

  • Executive Board Member Dance Masters of New England #5 

  • First Vice President of Dance Masters of America Chapters #5 

  • Chairperson DMA #5 Performing Arts, Petite & Junior Miss Dance Competitions

  • Faculty Guest Teacher/Competition Judge Dance Masters of America Chapters #2, #5, #8, #18,

  • Member In Good Standing Dance Teachers’ Club of Boston 

  • Adjudicator Andy Yosinoff’s New England Cheer & Dance Competition


  • Intel Teach to the Future Master Teacher For The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

  • Intel Teach to the Future Senior Trainer For The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

  • Scholarship Recipient Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy Harvard Kennedy School

  • English Teacher-Technology Integration Specialist Mashpee High School, Cape Cod Technical High School

  • English Teacher, Virtual High School

  • Disney Institute Professional Development Courses For Leadership, Employee Engagement And Customer Service

  • Bachelor of Science, Northeastern University

  • Master of Arts in Education, Northeastern University

  • Master of Fine Arts, Smith College

  • Master of Education, T.I.E. Program, Harvard University

  • Certified on the Professional Level Five Fields Of Education Including Dance by Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Education



  • Studio Dance Competitions ORIGINAL Adjudicated Score System 1977

  • EXPECTATIONS For Dance Curriculum Frameworks® Assessment, Achievement, Adjudication System for Dance Education

  • American Sport Dance Games®, is the alternatives to studio dance competitions.

American Sport Dance Games® was created by Jann Davis, a dance competition pioneer who designed many of the studio dance competition standard rules and original ADJUDICATED score system still currently in use in 1977 for her own private dance competition AMERICAN DANCE INVITATIONAL® as alternatives to studio dance competitions. Join Jann, an ivy league graduate at the masters level and former owner of a dance studio with 3 locations in the Greater Boston area, in offering the FIRST change in studio dance competitions in over 50 years. The events are open ONLY to members of the American Association of Dance Instructors/AADI.

Please use our CONTACT Form to request information on our programs, sponsor a LIVE seminar in your area, or ask questions. Jann will return your query. No phone or texts, thank you.

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