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Dance Class


Curriculum Frameworks®

Educational Site License


EXPECTATIONS For Dance Curriculum Frameworks® 

An Educational Site Licensing Program

License Is Available To Our Members ONLY

Domain Dance®

Levels I-VI

A Dance Curriculum For ALL Dance Students K-12

The Jann Davis University’s elite system of dance education offers to the Dance Classroom® tools and methodologies that allow the dance educator, parent, and child the opportunity to define specific skills on a rising level of difficulty that have a commonality in all dance subject forms allowing our achievement events to be unparalleled in assessment of student learning.


When a dance educator is accepted into our programs via the purchase of a full-year membership in the American Association of Dance Instructors/AADI, a site license for the EXPECTATIONS For Dance Curriculum Frameworks®, is available for purchase, assuring parents that their child is receiving the highest quality of dance training at a member licensed facility and our achievement events, Dance4Kids Sport Dance Games® For The recreational Dancer and SKILLS Sport Dance Games® are adjudicated based on a rubric score that aligns with their Dance Classroom® weekly dance class experience and performance routines at our events.


Our dance classroom model is patterned after the famed Intel Teach to the Future program for public educators, The program creates a “backwards by design” approach to the dance classroom for private studios, school dance teams and after-school enrichment programs. Jann was a Senior Trainer for the program, traveling throughout the USA teaching public educators.


The EXPECTATIONS For Dance Curriculum Frameworks® is an achievement, adjudication, and assessment tool for the global Dance Classroom®.


At Our Member Seminars Attendees Learn How To

  • Modify Current Facility Curriculum For All  Dance Subject Genre

  • Design Dance Classroom® Class Year-Long Units And Faculty Lesson Plans 

  • Initiate EXPECTATIONS For Dance® Year-Round Enrollment Programs

  • Mentor Faculty For Consistent Facility-Program Instruction

  • Modify the EXPECTATIONS For Dance Curriculum Frameworks® Rubrics For Success


EXPECTATIONS® Year-Round In Person Membership Seminars And On Demand Workshops  

EXPECTATIONS For Dance Curriculum Frameworks® Year-Round In Person Seminars use a “hands on” procedure to promote a creative atmosphere, peer collaboration, and congeniality amongst attendees for the studio dance industry. Attendees interact with the presenter and each other throughout the day in small groups and at an end of the day review choreography session presentation created by attendees. Attendees may actively participate or observe classes. On Demand session activities may be uploaded to our membership You-Tube for credentialing purposes and collaboration.


AADI Member licensees are required to sign a non-disclosure and non-compete agreements, and agree to background checks. 

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