EXPECTATIONS For Dance® Frameworks And Curriculum

Educational Site Licensing Program

Includes Montage Choreography By Design® 

Jann Davis offers year-round retreats for facilities and individuals teaching them how to create a curriculum for dance in order to compete and own SKILLS Sport-Dance Games Meet and Dance 4Kids Invitational Convention. via an educational site license as an individual facility or as a COLLABORATIVE Team of like-minded individuals.


Our dance classroom model is patterned after the famed Intel Teach to the Future program for public educators, The program creates a “backwards by design” approach to the dance classroom for private studios, schoool dance teams and after-school enrichment programs. Jann was a Senior Trainer for the program, traveling throughout the USA teaching public educators.


The EXPECTATIONS For Dance® Frameworks and Curriculum is an achievement, adjudication, and assessment tool for the global dance classroom. The retreats include certifications for attendees who choose to become certified adjudicators (judges) for our SSDG meets and instructors for our D4KI Conventions.


Attendees Learn How To

  • Modify Current Facility Curriculum For All  Dance Subject Genre

  • Design Dance Classroom Class Year-Long Units And Lesson Plans 

  • Initiate EXPECTATIONS For Dance® Year-Round Enrollment Programs

  • Mentor Faculty For Consistent Facility-Program Instruction

  • Modify the EXPECTATIONS For Dance® Rubrics For Success


Additional Facility Benefits 

  • ApplyTo Be A Dance Studio Union® Regional Director*

  • Dancers Against Hunger® Event Affiliation

  • Dance Unity Project® DTTDT Selling Online

  • Licensed Use Of Our Logos Personal And Professional

  • Dance Studio Union® Individual And Facility Membership

  • Certified As An EXPECTATIONS For Dance® Instructors

  • Certified As An EXPECTATIONS For Dance® Adjudicators

EXPECTATIONS® Year-Round Retreats

EXPECTATIONS For Dance® Year-Round Retreats use a “hands on” procedure to promote a creative atmosphere, peer collaboration, and congeniality amongst attendees for the studio dance industry. Attendees interact with the presenter and each other throughout the day in small groups and at an end of the day review choreography session presentation created by attendees. Attendees may actively participate or observe classes.

Fee includes 6 hours of instruction, in-person workshop AND the EXPECTATIONS For Dance® Frameworks and Curriculum site license fee. Light refreshments and lunch are to be provided by the facility, paid for us by the Jann Davis Company.   

EXPECTATIONS For Dance® Educational site License Fee

Jann Davis is committed to making all programs under the educational site license affordable and profitable. By hosting a retreat, (your seat at the seminar is complimentary as host), you agree to recruiting four other like-minded facillities, other studio owners/instructors, educational dance team coaches or after-school enrichment program directors to the seminar.


The site license is for two years with a fee of $2500 USD for a single facility ownership if requested. The fee can be divided into five equal payments by a group of five like-minded facilities for $650 for two attendees, which is included in the retreat fee. This type of license is called a COLLABORATIVE TEAM license. There are a limited number of site licenses available for each state per state counties, no license is purchased by anyone within 10 miles of another licensed facility. All entry fees, convention fees, and Choreography By Design® coaching workshops are the LICENSEES, not ours. At retreat seminars, Jann teaches all aspects of the plan. Licensees are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement. You are paying for it, it is your profit, why share it with others? Educational site licenses are renewable on a yearly basis for a fee of $1500. Due to the popularity of the program Jann is investigating holding larger retreats at hotels in the winter months for up to 30 attendees or fifteen collaborative teams held within 10 miles of state capitols.

How Do I Schedule A Retreat?

The Jann Davis Company schedules retreats using the form HERE, once your retreat date is approved your facility's $650 deposit is needed to secure your date, you may invite other teams or if you allow us to advertise your city/town location ONLY requesting attendees message us for the exact location.

CANCELLATION POLICY: If HOST cancels the retreat, not cancelled due to COVID or weather issues, within 14-days of the event date, the Jann Davis Company refunds 75% of the fee, the 25% withheld is to cover Ms. Davis personal and professional expenses.