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AADI PRIME Membership 

Created By Jann Davis

A Dance Studio Industry Leader And Harvard Grad

Presenting Concepts And Ideas For The Dance Classroom®

The Jann Davis Company is the leader in the Dance Classroom®© for dance educators. Ms. Davis is a graduate of Harvard University trained as an instructional designer for public education classrooms. Jann was certified in four areas on the professional level by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. As a former Intel Teach to the Future Senior Trainer, she trained public educators throughout the USA to structure their classroom content and create daily lesson plans. Jann designed all her programs for the Jann Davis Company based on her experiences in the dance and educational sectors.


AADI Offers Levels Of Membership Appealing To All:

ASSOCIATE: Appeals to those who are at the BEGINNING of their dance studio ownership journey.

MASTER: Appeals to those who are INCREASING their studio clientele.

SENIOR TRAINER: Appeals to for those who have established their studio in a community but are interested in expanding their MENTORING to others. 


Complete the application below to become a member of AADI, the American Association of Dance Instructors® for the 2022-2023 dance season.

Annual Member Fee: $299Yearly

  • AADI/EXPECTATIONS/ SKILLS/D4KI Logos On YOUR Studio/Program Site

  • Dance Classroom® Management Tips, Trends, And Tricks 

  • Dance Studio By Design® 44-Week Dance Studio Model

  • 3 Unit-EVENT Dance-N-Learn®© Lesson Plans COMPLIMENTARY, Summer Dance Camp Fee Is $79 Per Camp

  • INVITATION TO Our Winter February Dance Studio Today®© 2-Day Member Hotel/Studio Retreat Beginning 2024  

  • Discounts From Our Preferred Partners 

  • Domain Dance® Curriculum Modifications 

  • Application To Be A Member Of A Local/Regional/State/Tournament SKILLS Sport Dance Games®© Collaborative Team Additional Fee Is Needed $2500 2-Years/$3250 3-Years For Educational Site License Purchase

  • One On One Consulting Dance Life Coaching Once Yearly

  • Premier Access To All Our Programs

  • Professional Development On Demand Sessions

  • Dance4Kids Invitational® COLLABORATIVE TEAM Ownership

  • SKILLS Sport Dance Games® COLLABORATIVE TEAM Ownership

  • SKILLS Sport Dance Games® OWNERSHIP Seminars

  • Bi-Weekly Dance Studio Tips, Trends And Tricks E-Newsletter 


$299 Yearly/Payable Via Our Business Venmo Account

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