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Sport Dance Games®

The premiere studio dance alternative achievement events for those who wish to recruit, retain, and reinvigorate their dance studio enrollment by offering these events to school grades bringing new ideas, choreography, and parental approval to their facilities and enrichment programs. All events are owned and operated by members of AADI, CLICK HERE for information on our  Membership. Fill out our CONTACT FORM and we will mail you our 2024 brochure on membership and ownership of a game.

Dance4Kids Sport Dance Games® For The Recreational Dancer

Dance4Kids Sport Dance Games® are the first events to focus on the emerging dance student often referred to as RECREATIONAL, the student who chooses to dance 90 minutes to 4 hours weekly using a consistent set of manageable skills to attain achievable results. The DOMAIN DANCE® skills focus on realistic choreography and performance. Our events are designed for those who have chosen NOT to compete in traditional studio dance competitions and are looking for an alternative for performance and former competitive teams. The Dance4Kids Sport Dance Games® model is for the bread and butter of the dance studio industry. The event follows the same guidelines as listed below.

SKILLS Sport Dance Games®

The first new model for studio dance student achievement in over 50 years, SKILLS Sport Dance Games® offering events based on a youth sports model. Each event presents the following:


  • STUDIO DIVISIONS based on the size of your studio enrollment where entrants compete with other similar size facilities, for example one room, one location up to 125 students enrolled, all students not student hours

  • FIVE TEAMS PER SESSION, each section is 90-Minutes in length, five different teams in each section

  • TWO ROUTINES each team is allowed 2 routines, one compulsory, one creative with skills on our leveled DOMAIN DANCE CURRICULA®


  • GAMES LENGTH Each day is 8:00 AM To 5:00 PM, one-two day events or afternoon sessions are available

  • TEAMS ONLY Team Membership begins at 8 Members.


There are NO solos, titles, duo-trios or teams smaller than 8 members. Events have directors who are members of AADI and who are paid and offered commissions on entries and performance reviews.

Looking For A New FUN-raiser?

Try Our All-Star Dance Mom Classic®

This dance studio class add-on for your dance studio business offers adult dance classes to compete with their own competition! Inspired by the movie “Poms”, enter your adult dance classes into a competition designed specifically for them to compete! A dance competition offered as a FUN-raiser at a SKILLS Sports Dance Games®  or a Dance4Kids Invitational Dance Meet®Parents with children on your teams really want to be on the team too! You are offering them this chance!

All Participants Get A Pin

All Entries Get A Placement Trophy

Top Scores Get Banners And Bids To State Finals

All Star Dance Mom Teams from studio dance and cheer dance facilities are invited to compete! Do you have a great "Dance Dads" yearly routine? Enter those too! Start a new studio tradition, who knows what else it could lead to! 

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