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American Sport Dance Games® Ownership Seminars

Registration Is Open CLICK HERE

If You Wish To Host/Sponsor  A Seminar Email Jann Below

Presentation • Activity • Discussion

How To Operate • Organize • Own An American Sport Dance Game®


Special Zoom Sessions On Ownership Of American Sport Dance Games® Are Held Quarterly

This Seminar Open ONLY In Person/LIVE

12-15 Attendees Are Necessary To Hold A Seminar In A Location

July-August Attendee Fee $399 Includes One Year AADI Membership

Some TU-W-TH Dates Are Available

Overview Of American Sport Dance Games ® 

  • Understanding The Concept And Its Appeal To Parents And Dancers.

  • The Benefits For Participants, Parents-Care Givers, Attending-Entering Facilities


American Sport Dance Games® Planning Basics

  • Selecting The Right Venue And Date.

  • Marketing Strategies To Attract Participants And Audience.

  • Budgeting And Financial Management For Event Organizers

  • Attracting Vendors And Paid Social Media Partnerships


Introduction To Domain Dance® Routine Rubric Scoring

  • Explanation Of The Domain Dance® Rubric

  • How Scoring Aligns With The Objectives Of Our Sport Dance Games®

  • Training For Judges And Convention Instructors


Rules And Regulations

  • Understanding The Rules And Regulations Governing The Events

  • Safety Protocols And Risk Management


Interactive Activity

Participants Create A Basic Event Plan, Incorporating Learned Concepts.

Profitability And Revenue Streams

  • Exploring Various Revenue Models For Event Organizers

  • Sponsorships, Entry Fees, And Merchandise Sales

  • Best Practices For Hiring Staff Using Our College AADI Dance Team Members


Creating Engaging Content For Routines

  • Techniques For Choreographing Recreational Routines

  • Incorporating Innovative Concepts Into Creative Routines


Hosting Multiple Events Per Season

  • Strategies For Scaling Up: Managing Multiple Events

  • Building A Loyal Community Of Participants And Spectators


Competitive Analysis

  • Identifying And Understanding Competitors

  • Differentiating Dance4Kids Events From Other Dance Competitions


Additional Best Practices

  • Analyzing To Create Successful Dance4Kids Sport Dance Games®

  • Sharing Experiences And Learning From Industry Experts


Interactive Activity

Participants Draft A Comprehensive Plan For A Full Season Of Events, Focusing On Innovation And Profitability.


Materials: Comprehensive Handouts, Checklists, And Planning Templates Which Are Included In Chapter One Of The Coaches Handbook


Assessment: A Final Take Home Project Based On Event Planning.


This Section Structure Aims To Equip Participants With The Knowledge And Skills Required To Successfully Organize And Profit From Sport Dance Games® Events 


Seminar includes refreshments and coaches handbook.

Is Your Studio Available To Host?

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