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 STOP before you read any further if you are or were a competition owner, a judge for studio dance competitions or an instructor for a dance convention, you will NOT be happy about what I am about to say. Your currently over 50-year-old model of dance competition is about to be replaced.


Since the 1970’s I have heard the SAME complaints and I have heard the SAME reasons why you compete. How many of you are aware of Varsity dance team events that are college, high school and recently added middle school events held on the local and regional level with nationals at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex twice a year in January and April? The school age students who compete with

Varsity are YOUR current/potential students. Why? They share their information with the leaders in local school systems offering their BRAND of dance team, because dance is very popular, and schools are looking for before and after school programs to engage their students in to expand their bottom line. It’s time for a change!!!


You can read about ME below, or you can meet me in person this summer as I tour first the New England states and then expand across the country with a NEW model/design I call Sport Dance Games®, a concept based on youth sports in the fall.


We offer certifications for adjudication/instruction, as a member of AADI you can purchase an educational site license with friends to offer Sport Dance Game® events for YOUR profit, not ours. ALL EVENT PROFIT S 100% YOURS NOT OURS!!!


Yes, there is a movement to create a new competition owner group for studio dance competitions. It was done before, it didn’t work. They have listed the SAME rules and regulations they have before, and they have begun to argue on their announcement thread!!!The owners try to copy me, for example the debacle with how to create levels, not too many dance educators or studio owners are happy with. Instead of continuing with the SAME model why not be a pioneer like I was? Become a member of AADI host a seminar this summer, and be ready to offer a new way to achieve for your students, while giving yourself with like-minded friends a new income stream?


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Repost June 24, 2024

Jann Davis is a global leader and social media influencer in studio dance education, with a focus on the Dance Classroom®. Jann's extensive influence in the dance realm includes trailblazing in competitions, creating the first adjudicated scoring system, and innovating a new format for dance student achievement events. Inspired by youth and public education sports, this format employs a rubric-based scoring system for objective assessment of dance routines. Jann's overarching goal is to support dance educators by providing tools for benchmarks, lesson plans, assessments, curricula, and effective classroom management techniques.

Jann's model AMERICAN SPORT DANCE GAMES®, offers an alternative to the dance competition circuit which she helped to pioneer in 1976. She believes that within three years this format, available only to members of AADI, will revolutionize dance studios by allowing dance educators a voice in the presentation of how they educate dancers in the 21st century.

Ms. Davis presents professional development seminars to dance educators throughout the USA who are searching for a new model, a 21st century approach to dance education at conventions and at private in-house workshops. Please use our CONTACT FORM for further information to book Jann, she is also available to consult virtually.


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